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Encountered the Extraordinary? Share Your Story with Above The Norm News!

At Above The Norm News, our passion is to delve into the incredible—the mysteries that lurk just beyond the edge of everyday life. Whether it’s a close encounter of the third kind, a brush with the paranormal, or an anomaly that defies explanation, your experiences can light the way for others who seek the truth.

Why Your Stories Matter

Your firsthand encounters offer invaluable insights into the extraordinary. Sharing your story doesn’t just add another piece to the puzzle; it helps build a community of like-minded individuals, united in their quest for understanding the mysteries of our world.

We’re Listening to:

  • UFO Encounters: If the skies above have presented you with an enigma, let us know. Detail your observation, including when and where it occurred, and share any photographs or video footage you might have.
  • Paranormal Experiences: If you’ve come face-to-face with the inexplicable—apparitions, sounds, or sensations that challenge reality—we’re here to listen.
  • Beyond the Ordinary: Any experience or sighting that doesn’t fit the mold of the known? We’re all ears. From cryptids to unclassified anomalies, your reports are welcome.

How to Share Your Encounter:

  • Submit Your Experience: Use the form below to narrate your encounter. We respect your privacy; your information will remain confidential.
  • Attach Visuals: If you have photos or videos that capture your experience, please include them with your submission.
  • Send It to Us: Hit the ‘Submit’ button. Our team will review your story, and we may contact you for more details or clarification. Your contribution could illuminate the path for countless others drawn to the mysteries of our universe.