For decades, the appearance of intricate geometric patterns in crop fields worldwide has intrigued the public and puzzled scientists. Known as “crop circles,” these remarkable formations have sparked endless theories and speculation about their origins and purpose. Colin Andrews, a leading authority on this phenomenon, has dedicated over 35 years to investigating this persistent mystery.

Andrews’ journey into the world of crop circles began in 1983, when he stumbled upon five perfect circles in a field near Stonehenge while driving through the English countryside. “Something threw a switch,” he recalls, as he found himself drawn into an investigation that would change the course of his life. Teaming up with experts like meteorologist Terence Meaden and pilot Busty Taylor, Andrews embarked on a quest to understand these peculiar patterns.

One of the most compelling pieces of evidence supporting the authenticity of crop circles was the distinct biological changes found in the affected plants. Biophysicist William Levengood, who began analyzing crop circle plants in the 1990s, discovered that the nodes (joints) of the plant stems were dramatically enlarged, and the cell walls had been ruptured, as if exposed to a sudden burst of heat or energy. This effect could not be replicated by simply flattening the crops, as human hoaxers would do. Levengood also found the seeds from crop circle plants often exhibited accelerated germination and growth, further suggesting an unexplained energetic influence.

Alongside these botanical anomalies, Andrews and his colleagues documented other peculiarities, such as compass malfunctions, electrostatic disturbances, and the presence of mysterious glowing orbs witnessed by multiple eyewitnesses. The appearance of these “balls of light” near crop formations lent credence to the idea that some form of intelligent, even extraterrestrial, agency might be involved.

As the crop circle phenomenon gained mainstream attention in the late 1980s, a new challenge emerged: the rise of human counterfeiting. Two British men, Doug Bowers and Dave Chorley, stepped forward in 1990 and claimed responsibility for creating all the crop circles in England. Their confession, splashed across the front page of British tabloids, dealt a serious blow to public perception of the phenomenon.

Undeterred, Andrews launched his own investigation into the hoaxing problem. Over a two-year period, he found that approximately 80% of the crop formations he studied in England were indeed man-made. Yet, crucially, the remaining 20% exhibited no signs of human intervention and continued to baffle researchers.

“The manmade factor is important and must not be ignored or cavalierly dismissed,” Andrews asserts. “All activity in the fields, regardless of its source, should be fully researched.” His 80/20 statement, though widely misunderstood, highlighted the need to separate authentic crop circles from counterfeits in order to uncover the true nature of this enduring mystery.


One of the most compelling authentic formations that Andrews investigated was the “Julia Set” that appeared in 1996 near Stonehenge. This massive, 600-foot spiraling pattern seemed to materialize almost instantaneously, with eyewitness accounts suggesting it formed in less than an hour. Andrews enlisted the help of a professional surveyor who determined it would have taken at least two full days to accurately lay out such a complex design. Further analysis revealed the central circle was perfectly aligned with the Stonehenge monument, hinting at an intentional, intelligent design.

Andrews’ research has led him to believe that human consciousness plays a pivotal role in the crop circle phenomenon. He recounts instances where he or other researchers have visualized or requested specific patterns, only to have them appear in nearby fields shortly afterward. This interactive dynamic suggests the crop circles may be a form of communication, a “spiritual nudge” meant to awaken humanity to the state of our planet and our interconnectedness with the natural world.

The appearance of crop circles near ancient sacred sites like Stonehenge and Avebury has reinforced this notion of a deeper spiritual dimension. Andrews observes that these geometric patterns often mirror sacred symbols found in various cultures, from mandalas to Celtic crosses. Could the crop circles be a language of sorts, conveying messages through the universal language of sacred geometry?

“We are being given hints as to where it comes from, and where it might be going,” Andrews muses. “Imagining possible futures and searching for answers is what drives the evolving engine of human potential, and it is what contributes to the growth of our human civilization.”

Yet, as Andrews has discovered, the pursuit of this knowledge has not been without its challenges. His frank announcements about the prevalence of hoaxing have made him a target of derision and outrage within the crop circle community, with some researchers going so far as to ban him from their fields. However, Andrews remains undaunted, driven by a sense of moral responsibility to share his findings, no matter how unpopular they may be.

“I speak of the Hopi Elders to make the point that there are many people all over the world carefully monitoring the crop circle enigma and it is to them I feel I owe the greatest responsibility with my work,” he explains. The Hopi, an indigenous tribe in the American Southwest, believe the crop circles are tied to an ancient prophecy about profound changes in the world, and they have eagerly embraced Andrews’ research to aid in their understanding.

Andrews’ work has also drawn the attention of governmental agencies, both in the UK and the US, who have sought to infiltrate his research groups and discredit his findings. The British government’s orchestration of the elaborate “Operation Blackbird” hoax in 1990, which was aimed at humiliating Andrews and his colleagues, underscores the perceived importance of the crop circle mystery.

As he reflects on his decades-long journey, Andrews acknowledges the profound impact the crop circles have had on his own consciousness. “I have become more intuitive. Some might say I’ve become more psychic and there have certainly been experiences that suggest that I am a different person in many ways.”

These experiences include hearing disembodied voices, witnessing the sudden appearance of crop formations, and feeling a palpable sense of energy and wonder when visiting authentic sites. Andrews believes that by tapping into the spiritual and intuitive dimensions of our being, we may unlock the true meaning behind the crop circle phenomenon.

“We are moving forward, albeit slowly, but the journey will be well worth the wait. Incredible times await us,” Andrews declares, his voice brimming with a mixture of excitement and reverence. For this former electrical engineer, the crop circles have become a portal into the mysteries of human consciousness and our evolving relationship with the living Earth.

Whether the ultimate source of the crop circles is extraterrestrial, interdimensional, or a manifestation of our own creative potential, Andrews remains steadfast in his conviction that these formations hold the key to unlocking a deeper understanding of ourselves and our place in the cosmos. As he continues his quest, the crop circles continue to evolve, challenging us to expand the boundaries of our perception and embrace the infinite possibilities that lie within.

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