Gerard, a resident of Houston, Texas, contacted the Paranormal Hotline in September 2022 to report a series of disturbing events that began after a family trip to New Orleans. This story was later documented in the April 2023 issue of Paranormal Underground, shedding light on a lesser-known but deeply unsettling paranormal encounter.

The incident traces its origins to a visit to the grave of Marie Laveau, the renowned Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. Gerard’s daughter, intrigued by the mystique surrounding Marie Laveau, insisted on visiting her grave. While there, she kissed the tomb, placed a gold chain as an offering, and recited a chant she had seen on television. Initially, these actions seemed harmless, but they soon triggered a series of terrifying events upon their return home.

Once back in Houston, the family’s sense of normalcy began to erode. At first, the disturbances were minor and easily dismissed. They heard footsteps echoing through the house at odd hours, faint thumping noises from closets, and other unsettling sounds. However, these occurrences quickly intensified, evolving from minor annoyances into deeply troubling events.

The most frightening aspect of these disturbances was the appearance of a malevolent entity. Gerard first encountered this entity in his home’s closet. He described seeing a figure with intensely scary eyes that radiated malice and a sinister intent. These “evil eyes” became a recurring nightmare for Gerard, often seen watching him from the darkness, both inside and outside the house. This entity’s presence was so oppressive that it left Gerard and his family in a constant state of fear and anxiety.

Over time, the entity’s activities grew more aggressive. Gerard reported seeing the “evil eyes” wandering in their backyard, a sight that filled him with dread. His daughter began to exhibit strange behavior, falling into trances and repeatedly chanting the same words she had uttered at Marie Laveau’s grave. This trance-like state added to the growing unease within the household, as it seemed the entity had gained some form of control over her.

Objects in the house began to move inexplicably. Bed covers were pulled off at night, plates slid off the dinner table as if pushed by invisible hands, and water faucets turned on by themselves. These occurrences were not only unsettling but also posed a physical threat to the family. Gerard himself was physically attacked by an unseen force, and a mysterious fire broke out on the stove, which proved difficult to extinguish.

Desperate to rid his family of these hauntings, Gerard sought help from paranormal investigators. They advised him to have his daughter undergo a full submersion baptism and to destroy the book of dark rituals she had brought home by burning it after sprinkling it with holy water. Following these steps, the paranormal activities ceased, and the entity known as “evil eyes” was no longer seen. Gerard’s daughter made amends with the family and vowed never to engage in dark arts again.


This case, while not as widely known as others, serves as a powerful reminder of the potential dangers of dabbling in rituals and the importance of respecting boundaries. Gerard and his family were left deeply affected by their experiences, and the sense of relief that followed the cessation of the paranormal activities was immense. However, the memories of the terrifying encounters lingered, leaving a lasting impact on their lives.

Gerard’s daughter, in particular, was profoundly changed by the ordeal. She became a vocal advocate for caution when dealing with the supernatural, often sharing her story to warn others. Her transformation from a curious teenager to someone who deeply respects the unknown is a testament to the profound impact of their experience.

The story of the “Evil Eyes” entity quickly spread through Gerard’s community. Friends and neighbors who were initially skeptical found themselves drawn into the tale. Some were fascinated, while others were frightened. The account of the malevolent entity became a topic of conversation at gatherings, and people speculated about the nature of the events that transpired.

While many in the scientific community dismiss such accounts as psychological phenomena or coincidences, the emotional and psychological toll on those who experience them is undeniable. For Gerard and his family, the encounters were real and deeply unsettling. They struggled to find rational explanations for the events, and when none were forthcoming, they had no choice but to turn to paranormal investigators for help.

The investigators approached the situation with a blend of skepticism and open-mindedness, aware that not every case is as it seems. In Gerard’s case, the combination of physical manifestations and psychological impact led them to believe that the family was indeed experiencing a genuine haunting.

The solutions proposed by the investigators were steeped in ritual and symbolism, designed to address both the psychological and supernatural aspects of the haunting. The full submersion baptism was intended to cleanse Gerard’s daughter of any lingering spiritual connection to the entity, while the destruction of the book of dark rituals was meant to sever any ties to the practices that might have invited the entity in the first place.

As the family gradually returned to normalcy, the fear and anxiety they had lived with began to dissipate. They took steps to protect their home, both physically and spiritually, hoping to prevent any future disturbances. Gerard installed additional locks and security cameras, while his wife sought the counsel of their church to bless the house.

The “Evil Eyes” entity case remains a compelling and cautionary tale. It highlights the thin line between curiosity and danger when it comes to the supernatural. For those who hear Gerard’s story, it serves as a reminder to approach the unknown with respect and caution, acknowledging that some doors, once opened, cannot be easily closed.

Gerard’s family continues to live in Houston, carrying with them the lessons learned from their harrowing experience. Their story is a testament to the enduring impact of the paranormal on the lives of ordinary people, and it serves as a reminder that sometimes, the things we cannot see can be the most terrifying of all.


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