In the peaceful town of Normanton, West Yorkshire, England, the summer of 1979 brought with it an extraordinary event that would forever alter the perception of those who witnessed it. This is the detailed account of the Normanton Landing, a UFO encounter that has fascinated and perplexed researchers for decades.

Leading us through this remarkable story is Philip Mantle, a veteran UFO investigator with over thirty years of experience. His extensive background with numerous UFO organizations has provided him with deep insights into these mysterious phenomena. Yet, despite his vast knowledge, the Normanton Landing remains a case that continues to astonish and inspire.

The incident began on a seemingly typical day, with the sun shining brightly and children playing outside. Life in Normanton followed its usual, tranquil rhythm until Mrs. Westerman’s eight-year-old daughter, Sandra, burst into the house with an urgent message: “An aeroplane has just landed in the field!”

The family, filled with curiosity and excitement, rushed outside to investigate. What they discovered in the nearby field was far from any conventional aircraft. A dull grey, “Mexican hat”-shaped object rested on the ground, surrounded by three tall figures clad in shimmering silver suits.

The scene was both captivating and surreal. The family cautiously approached the object, their hearts pounding with a mix of excitement and apprehension. As they stopped at a nearby fence, they could see the figures working diligently around the craft, using a strange, dark instrument.

The encounter took an even more extraordinary turn as the figures moved to the rear of the object. In a moment that would forever be etched in their memories, the craft silently ascended into the air, hovering momentarily before vanishing into the distance at an astonishing speed.

This was no fleeting glimpse of an unidentified object; it was a close encounter, a direct experience with the unknown that would change the lives of everyone present. The Westerman family had been touched by the extraordinary, and their world would never be the same.


In the aftermath of the encounter, the family grappled with a profound sense of awe and wonder. They were left with countless questions: What was the purpose of the craft? Who were the mysterious figures? And most importantly, what did this encounter mean for our understanding of the universe?

Following Mrs. Westerman’s initial contact with Yorkshire UFO Society (YUFOS), Philip Mantle and Mark Birdsall launched a thorough investigation into the Normanton Landing. Recognizing the potential significance of the event, they were committed to gathering as much information as possible to shed light on what transpired that summer afternoon.

Their initial step involved conducting in-depth interviews with the witnesses. Mrs. Westerman provided a detailed account of the incident, meticulously describing the object’s appearance, the actions of the figures, and the overall atmosphere of the encounter. Her testimony was consistent and thorough, conveying the profound impact the event had on her and her family.

The children, eager to share their experiences, offered their own accounts, which remarkably aligned with their mother’s observations. They provided additional details about the silvery, disc-shaped craft, noting how it hovered over the pylons before gently landing. They also described the figures’ smooth, metallic suits and their fluid movements.

The unwavering conviction in the children’s voices was striking. Despite their young age, they spoke with clarity and confidence, their memories of the event remaining vivid and unblemished by time. This consistency, not only between the children’s accounts but also with their mother’s observations, added a significant layer of credibility to the case.

Mantle and Birdsall also visited the landing site, hoping to find physical evidence that might offer clues about the nature of the encounter. However, their search yielded no trace of the object or the figures. The field remained undisturbed, as if the extraordinary event had never occurred.

The lack of physical evidence, however, did not discourage the investigators. They understood that these types of encounters often leave no tangible proof, relying instead on the testimony of those who witnessed them. And in this case, the witness testimony was nothing short of compelling.

The witnesses’ accounts were not only consistent but also remarkably detailed. They described the silent operation of the object, the smooth, metallic suits worn by the figures, and the overall extraordinary nature of the event. These details, combined with the witnesses’ credibility and sincerity, painted a vivid picture of an encounter that defied conventional explanation.

Mantle and Birdsall’s investigation extended beyond the witnesses’ testimony. They consulted with experts in various fields, including aviation, meteorology, and psychology, seeking to eliminate any potential misidentifications or psychological factors that might account for the event.

However, none of the experts could offer a satisfactory explanation for what the family witnessed. The object did not match any known aircraft, weather balloons, or other aerial phenomena. The figures’ appearance and behavior were equally baffling, defying any conventional understanding of human attire or technology.

The Normanton Landing, as it came to be known, remained an unexplained phenomenon. It was a case that challenged conventional wisdom and pushed the boundaries of our understanding of the universe. The event left an indelible mark on the witnesses, and it continues to spark debate and discussion among researchers and enthusiasts to this day.

The Normanton Landing remains a pivotal event in the history of UFO sightings in Britain. The detailed and consistent testimony of the Westerman family, coupled with the thorough investigation led by Philip Mantle and Mark Birdsall, solidified the credibility of this encounter.

The family’s experience serves as a reminder that the unknown can manifest itself in the most unexpected places. Their detailed accounts of the object, the figures, and the overall event paint a vivid picture of an experience that defies conventional explanation.

While the exact nature of the object and its occupants remains a mystery, the Normanton Landing continues to inspire curiosity and investigation within the UFO research community. It serves as a compelling piece of evidence supporting the existence of unexplained aerial phenomena.

The encounter left an undeniable impact on the Westerman family, forever altering their perspectives and expanding their understanding of the possibilities that exist beyond our everyday lives. Their willingness to share their story has contributed to the growing body of knowledge surrounding UFOs and their potential significance for humanity.

For an even deeper dive into the intriguing Normanton UFO Landing, check out Philip Mantle’s detailed article on Substack. His expert insights and comprehensive investigation bring new dimensions to this extraordinary case. Read the full story here: Revisiting the Normanton UFO Landing.

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