UFO disclosure activist Daniel Sheehan claims that the US government must release all of its secret UFO files by October 18, 2024. A top lawyer representing leading UFO whistleblowers, Sheehan made this sensational revelation during an interview on the Freedom Pact podcast.

Daniel Sheehan’s career has been marked by involvement in significant public interest cases, including the Pentagon Papers, the Karen Silkwood case, and the Iran-Contra affair. His legal journey eventually led him to focus on the disclosure of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), commonly known as UFOs. Sheehan has been a persistent advocate for transparency regarding the Pentagon’s interactions with extraterrestrial entities.

During the podcast, Sheehan elaborated on his efforts to push for disclosure through legal means. He discussed a particular law mandating the collection and preparation of UAP-related information for the National Archives, with a deadline of 300 days from the law’s enactment. This legislation, passed on December 22 last year, sets the deadline for October 18, 2024. Sheehan explained that a 64-page document, signed unanimously by a cross-party group of senators, was condensed into a 24-page bill, which was then signed into law by President Biden. This bill requires all branches of the US military, intelligence agencies, and defense department agencies to gather and digitize every piece of information they have regarding UFOs and non-human intelligence.

A significant part of Sheehan’s work involves advocating for whistleblower protections within the defense sector, specifically related to UAP disclosure. He claims to represent several whistleblowers who have yet to reveal their identities publicly. These whistleblowers have provided him with astonishing accounts of extraterrestrial encounters, including details of a crashed alien spacecraft that appeared to distort space and time and seemed larger on the inside than on the outside. One source described the retrieval of a 30-foot saucer-shaped craft, which, upon entering, felt as vast as a football stadium, causing extreme disorientation and nausea due to its immense internal size.

The interview delved into the longstanding efforts by the government and media to downplay or discredit the existence and significance of UFOs. Sheehan critiqued the historical role of the Pentagon and the CIA in controlling the narrative around UFOs through media manipulation and misinformation. He highlighted how these agencies have systematically debunked credible UFO reports to maintain secrecy and prevent public hysteria.

However, Sheehan noted a significant shift in public interest and belief regarding UFOs. Credible reports and increased transparency in mainstream media sources like The New York Times and 60 Minutes have contributed to this change. These outlets have played a crucial role in bringing serious attention to the topic, challenging the long-held skepticism and ridicule associated with UFO sightings.

Sheehan discussed the potential impacts of confirmed extraterrestrial technology and life on various aspects of society and culture. He speculated on the global economic implications, particularly for the fossil fuel industry, which could be profoundly affected by advanced alien technologies. Philosophical and religious implications were also considered, including challenges to existing doctrines and the potential for new understandings of human capabilities and consciousness.


Looking ahead, Sheehan outlined the anticipated timeline and processes for the release of UAP information to the public. He emphasized the role of independent institutions and citizen groups, like the New Paradigm Institute, in disseminating information and fostering responsible dialogue about the implications of UFO disclosure. Sheehan suggested that the US government is setting up a controlled disclosure program to roll out this information over a seven-year period, ensuring a managed and gradual revelation of potentially paradigm-shifting knowledge.

He speculated on the broader implications of disclosure, including possible shifts in international relations, technological advancements, and changes in the global economy. As the deadline for the mandated disclosure approaches, Sheehan’s revelations continue to stir public curiosity and debate about the existence of extraterrestrial life and the transparency of government operations regarding UAPs.


Freedom Pact : Harvard UFO Lawyer On What The Government Have Really Been Hiding | Daniel Sheehan

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