On the evening of October 18, 1977, Kurt Nelson stood on a small mountain in Ångermanland, Northern Sweden. What he witnessed that night became a significant report in UFO history, documented in the first issue of UFO Information Magazine in 1978. This account details one of Sweden’s most intriguing UFO encounters.

Kurt Nelson, a dedicated radio enthusiast, was deeply immersed in his shortwave radio hobby. Before the advent of the internet, shortwave radio offered a unique thrill—the possibility of connecting with people from distant parts of the world. On that fateful Tuesday night, Kurt drove up to a mountain called Ham-Leen, known for its elevated position, making it an excellent spot for shortwave radio signals. There, a radio and television link station was also situated.

Around 7:30 PM, Kurt, equipped with his 27 MHz band shortwave radio, attempted to make contact with his radio colleague located 170 kilometers to the south. As he neared the link station, heavy interference disrupted their communication. Strangely, Kurt could hear his colleague clearly, while his colleague struggled to hear him. They discussed the peculiarity of the situation before Kurt decided to park near the large TV mast and cease contact due to the interference.

As Kurt gazed out over the mountain slopes, his attention was suddenly drawn to a bluish light in a hollow about 100 meters away. The object, which Kurt described as a domed machine, hovered in the air, emitting a dim, indirect blue light. He estimated it to be a few meters in diameter. Despite the presence of the Northern Lights, this object stood out due to its distinct luminosity and shape.

The situation grew even stranger when Kurt noticed three figures near the craft. He described them as wearing space suits, about one meter tall, and grayish in color. The figures were fully visible in the light from the craft. In an attempt to see them better, Kurt turned on his car headlights, but to his astonishment, the craft and the figures vanished, and the area was plunged into darkness. Turning off his headlights, Kurt saw the craft and figures reappear in the same spot. Fear gripped him as he turned on the ignition and started to drive away.

As he drove away from the mountain, Kurt encountered the three figures again, this time standing in the middle of the road. He was unsure if they were the same beings he had seen near the craft. The figures seemed to cross the roadway, and Kurt did not know if he stopped the car himself or if they made it stop. He described their suits as resembling plastic, with seamless, tight-fitting white boots. One figure held a shovel-like object, which it rotated, causing Kurt’s car engine and headlights to shut off. Panic-stricken, Kurt manually turned on the headlights, started the engine, and backed up about ten meters before stopping and waiting for two minutes. When he turned the headlights back on, the figures were gone, and he quickly drove home.

Upon arriving home, Kurt told his wife Eva about the encounter. They noticed that his wristwatch had slowed down by twenty minutes. Their dog, usually friendly, barked at Kurt and then lay down quietly in a corner, acting unusually subdued. Eva suggested they return to Ham-Leen to see if the figures were still there. Reluctantly, Kurt agreed, and they drove back, only to find the area dark and peaceful.


On their way back, Kurt forgot to dim his headlights for an oncoming car, which turned out to be a police vehicle. He explained his experience to the officers, who later testified to investigators that Kurt was known as a truthful person. The investigators from UFO Sweden visited the site and observed physical evidence of the encounter. A birch tree had a scratch deep enough to expose the wood, located 280 centimeters above the ground. They also found two moss piles of different species, one from the landing site and another from across the road, where the figures had been seen.

Footprints were also found at the site, categorized into three types: tracks of journalists and a dog, tracks of Kurt and Eva, and small humanoid tracks with a cross-shaped heel. The footprints suggested the craft’s size to be between five and five and a half meters in diameter. The investigators speculated about the purpose of the figures’ presence, noting that they seemed to have taken samples of moss and plants. The creatures must have moved quickly from the original sighting location to the road where Kurt encountered them again.

Kurt’s experience was not the only strange occurrence at Ham-Leen. His friend Shell Nesland, the link station manager, had a similar encounter on March 12, 1969. Shell’s duty involved monitoring the technical equipment at the link station. On that evening, he experienced repeated alarms indicating problems with the TV link, despite finding everything in order during his checks. After stepping outside, he witnessed a giant craft, about 150 meters in diameter, glowing with a gray fog-like light. Inside the craft, Shell saw approximately ten box-like creatures floating above the ground. He felt an impulse to hold the door open for them and was unable to move.

The creatures, which lacked arms or legs, floated past Shell and into the link station. He felt a sense of calm, believing they were not dangerous. The creatures stayed for about five to ten minutes before being sucked back into the craft, which then sped off in a northerly direction. When the craft disappeared, Shell regained control of his body and reported the incident to the police and the transmitter station in Sundsvall. Although some colleagues laughed at his account, Shell maintained that he was sober and in a clear mental state during the encounter. The only physical evidence found was a pine tree with its upper crown cut off.

These extraordinary stories from Ham-Leen have drawn comparisons to other notable UFO sightings. The site showed clear signs of unusual activity, reinforcing the credibility of Kurt’s and Shell’s experiences. These encounters remain a significant part of UFO lore, raising questions about the nature of the beings and their interest in this particular location.

Source: Found in an old Swedish UFO magazine by the team over on YouTube Stories Lost. Download below PDF below.


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