In the quiet city of Plauen, Germany, an extraordinary event unfolded on the evening of May 21, 1994. As the residents went about their usual Saturday night routines, little did they know that an otherworldly visitor would soon make its presence known, forever altering the lives of those who bore witness to its inexplicable appearance.

Mrs. H., a 39-year-old postal worker, had just finished watching a movie on television in her first-floor apartment, part of a high-rise community near the city center. Stepping out onto her balcony to check on her daughter, who was out enjoying the local discotheque, Mrs. H. was suddenly greeted by an unexpected sight. A bright light, emanating from a small 9-year-old oak tree just 5 meters to her right, bathed the tree in an ethereal glow. Strangely, the illuminated tree was the only one swaying in the strong wind, its branches touching the ground as if engaged in a fierce battle against an invisible force.

Perplexed by the peculiar scene before her, Mrs. H. scanned the surroundings for the source of the wind. It was then that she spotted an enormous luminous object hovering approximately 100 meters away, suspended at an altitude of about 30 meters above a nearby building. The object, resembling two frisbees stuck together, rotated in opposite directions, its bottom half adorned with small, dark squares reminiscent of windows. Beneath these squares, a circle of white lights rotated clockwise, while the top of the object featured a counterclockwise-rotating ring of lights.

For a full minute, the wind continued to blow, and the tree remained illuminated, its leaves rustling violently in the artificial breeze. Then, as suddenly as it had begun, the wind ceased, the light surrounding the tree vanished, and the oak regained its upright posture, standing tall among its unaffected neighbors.

Estimated to be around 10 meters in diameter, the enigmatic object abruptly shifted to the left, disappearing behind a neighboring building. Mere moments later, it reemerged from the same corner, gliding past the front of the building before vanishing once more, this time behind a structure on the right. Determined to keep the object in view, Mrs. H. dashed into the street, tracking its movements until it faded from sight above a cluster of distant apartment buildings. The entire incident, she would later recall, lasted approximately 6 minutes.

Unbeknownst to Mrs. H., she was not alone in her astonishment. As she stood in the street, she noticed that several other individuals had also been captivated by the unusual aerial display, including about five couples observing from their balconies. However, driven by her own disbelief in such extraordinary occurrences, Mrs. H. refrained from engaging with the other witnesses.

Across town, in an 11th-floor apartment, Mrs. Martina S. was jolted awake by the ringing of her telephone at around 11:15 p.m. On the other end of the line was her friend, Mrs. A., who resided on the third floor of the same building. Barely containing her excitement, Mrs. A. exclaimed, “Martina, I think there is a UFO above our building!” Having witnessed the bizarre object from her balcony, Mrs. A. sought confirmation from her friend on the top floor.


Initially dismissive of the claim, Mrs. S. was about to end the call when Mrs. A.’s urgent voice caught her attention once more: “It’s coming back again, look at it yourself.” Intrigued, Mrs. S. ventured to her living room window, phone in hand, and was stunned by the sight that greeted her. Hovering a mere five meters from her window was an immense, shiny, silver metallic structure, its presence both mesmerizing and unnerving.

Like Mrs. H., Mrs. S. observed the counter-rotating light rings and the dark windows that adorned the object’s surface. “It seemed like the object was about to land on top of the building,” she would later recount. Overwhelmed by the proximity of the enigmatic craft, Mrs. S. dropped the phone, gathered her young daughter, and sought refuge in her friend’s third-floor apartment.

After mustering their courage, Mrs. S. and Mrs. A. cautiously approached the balcony, eventually stepping outside to observe the object from below. They were met with a powerful gust of wind emanating from the mysterious craft, and noticed a peculiar hole in the cloud cover directly above it, which they presumed had been created by the object’s presence.

The two women watched in awe as the UFO began to move up and down like a yo-yo, hovering in the same position for several minutes before ascending to a higher altitude. There, it tilted on its axis and accelerated away towards the northeast, vanishing from sight.

During the extraordinary encounter, Mrs. S. managed to call her sister-in-law, who lived in another suburb, to share what she was witnessing. Remarkably, her sister-in-law also spotted the unusual lights in the sky and even managed to capture the phenomena on video. Frightened and unsure of what to do, Mrs. S. and Mrs. A. reached out to the police, reporting their observations to the authorities.

By the time the police arrived at the scene, the mysterious object had already disappeared. However, the responding officers informed the ladies that they were not alone in their experience, as numerous other individuals had called in to report similar sightings.

The following day, the local newspaper published an article about the incident, attempting to dismiss the sightings as mere reflections from disco spotlights dancing on the clouds. Influenced by this report, Mrs. S.’s sister-in-law made the decision to erase the video footage she had captured just days earlier. However, a police officer, who happened to be married to one of Mrs. S.’s coworkers, confidentially shared with the ladies that the newspaper’s explanation was not accurate.

As the investigation into the Plauen UFO sighting continued, another curious detail came to light. Both Mrs. H. and Mrs. S. independently reported that the laundry they had left out to dry on their balconies was now covered in a strange black soot, necessitating a thorough rewashing of all items.

The impact of this extraordinary event on Mrs. S. was particularly profound. In the weeks following the sighting, she began to feel unsafe in her own apartment, reporting unexplained footsteps, strange noises, and inexplicable lights within her home. The lingering unease became so overwhelming that Mrs. S. ultimately decided to relocate to a new apartment, seeking to distance herself from the unsettling memories.

When MUFON-CES (Mutual UFO Network – Central European Section) members attempted to interview Mrs. S. in December 1995, more than a year after the incident, they discovered that her fear remained palpable. She adamantly refused to accompany the interviewers to her former apartment, even for a brief visit, underscoring the lasting psychological toll the experience had taken on her.

In an effort to gather additional evidence and testimonies, MUFON-CES distributed 500 questionnaires throughout the area surrounding the sighting location. Despite the widespread circulation, only one other witness came forward in response. This individual corroborated the descriptions provided by Mrs. H. and Mrs. S., confirming the appearance of the enigmatic object and the peculiar hole in the cloud cover. Notably, the witness’s sketch of the UFO closely matched the drawings provided by the two primary witnesses.

The Plauen UFO sighting remains one of the most compelling and well-documented cases in European UFO history, thanks in large part to the thorough investigation conducted by MUFON-CES and the detailed accounts provided by the witnesses. While the true nature and origin of the mysterious object continue to elude explanation, the impact it had on the lives of those who encountered it that fateful night is undeniable.

As the residents of Plauen, Germany, carry on with their daily lives, the memory of that extraordinary evening in May 1994 lingers, a testament to the enduring mystery that continues to captivate the minds and imaginations of people around the world. The Plauen UFO case serves as a powerful reminder that, despite our technological advancements and scientific understanding, there are still phenomena that defy easy explanation, inviting us to keep an open mind and to continue searching for answers in the vast, unknowable expanse of the universe.

The Plauen UFO incident, which occurred on that fateful night of May 21, 1994, has left an indelible mark on the lives of those who witnessed the extraordinary events firsthand. Mrs. H., Mrs. S., and the other individuals who observed the enigmatic object hovering above their city were forever changed by their encounter with the unknown.

In the years since the sighting, the case has garnered significant attention from UFO researchers and enthusiasts worldwide, cementing its place as one of the most intriguing and well-documented UFO incidents in European history. The detailed accounts provided by the witnesses, along with the thorough investigation conducted by MUFON-CES, have provided a wealth of information for those seeking to unravel the mystery surrounding the Plauen UFO.


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