The world we think we know is a façade, a veil obscuring a reality stranger than any fiction. Or so claims Dr. Brooks Agnew, a former Fortune 100 consultant turned truth-seeker with a startling theory. Agnew, a frequent voice on Coast to Coast AM, has penned the Bearth trilogy, a series he insists isn’t a mere story but a chilling reflection of events unfolding right before our eyes.

Agnew suggests that Earth, far from being a solid sphere hurtling through space, is actually a composite of two planets, locked in a spiraling dance since the time of Noah’s legendary Flood. One planet, he claims, vibrates with a high frequency, a domain of light, while the other exists in a lower, shadowy state. These twin Earths, intertwined yet distinct, have reached a point of instability. The very fabric of our world may be poised to tear.

Additionally Agnew paints a picture of vast conspiracies reaching into the highest echelons of power. The world’s billionaires, he alleges, possess foreknowledge of these coming cataclysms. Their financial machinations aren’t fueled by mere greed, but by a desperate scramble to position themselves for the Earth’s impending transformation.

The Bearth theory delves deeply into the Biblical narrative, proposing a battle between good and evil that stretches across epochs. Agnew speaks of five races mentioned in Genesis, locked in an unseen war with humanity’s very soul hanging in the balance.

Agnew’s narrative weaves together threads of prophecy, hidden history, and cosmic conflict. He warns that societal breakdown, escalating tensions – the very headlines we read each day – are harbingers of the impending split. Yet, he insists, there is hope. By understanding the truth, ordinary people can defy the puppet masters and shape their own destiny on the Earth to come.

The Bearth trilogy raises profound, even terrifying questions. Is Agnew a modern-day prophet, exposing a cosmic cover-up? Or is he peddling a dangerous delusion? The answers, he insists, lie both in the past and the unsettling events unfolding around us. One thing is certain: if even a fraction of his claims are true, the world we take for granted is far more fragile – and far more fantastical – than we ever imagined.

Dr. Agnew’s Bearth trilogy isn’t just a story, he insists. It’s a window into a hidden truth shaking the foundations of our understanding. Forget the solid sphere science teaches us. Agnew theorizes that Earth is a house divided, two separate planets locked in a spiraling dance since a cataclysmic event thousands of years ago.


He paints a picture of a radiant “high frequency” Earth, a luminous counterpart to our own, sharing the same space but vibrating on a different level. Imagine two radio stations broadcasting on nearly the same frequency, the signals bleeding into each other. That, Agnew suggests, is the state of our world, the merger of these two Earths an echo of the Biblical Flood.

The theory takes an even more surprising turn. According to Agnew, this fragile equilibrium is failing. Earth’s core isn’t merely molten rock, but the nexus of these two realities struggling to remain fused. The growing instability we witness – the earthquakes, the extreme weather, the sense that things are off-kilter – are outward signs of this internal discord.

Agnew warns that time may be running short. As the disharmony escalates, the split becomes more likely. He doesn’t claim to know the exact outcome, the specifics of which “Earth” will become dominant or if they’ll somehow break apart entirely. Yet, the message is clear: a fundamental change to our world is imminent.

The Bearth theory doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Agnew claims the world’s wealthiest, most influential individuals are in on the secret. Their empires, built on seemingly rational economics, are actually elaborate chess moves designed to secure their position in the world to come. Each financial shift, every political power play, could be a hidden gamble prompted by their knowledge of the impending split.

This adds a sinister spin to daily life. Are catastrophic events engineered to weaken nations and position the elites for control? Is the growing wealth gap evidence that they’ve calculated which reality offers the most potential for profit? These questions are chilling because they suggest forces at work beyond what we see reported on the news.

Dr. Agnew takes the extraordinary step of weaving Biblical prophecy into the Bearth narrative. It’s a bold move, certain to both attract and repel readers of differing viewpoints. To grasp the full scope of his theory, it’s important to understand how he reframes passages from Genesis and beyond into his framework of a split Earth.

The “five races” mentioned in Genesis, often dismissed as metaphorical, take on a startling new dimension in Agnew’s work. He proposes these aren’t merely ancient peoples, but distinct species of beings at war for control of Earth. Agnew theorizes that humanity is a prize, caught in an invisible crossfire between forces of light and those aligned with the “low frequency” Earth. It’s both a dire warning and, strangely, a potential source of hope.

Agnew suggests this battle isn’t new. The Biblical Flood, he posits, wasn’t just a natural disaster, but a cataclysm caused by the original merging of the two Earths. Could this explain ancient tales of lost civilizations destroyed by divine wrath? Were they, perhaps, caught in the conflict between Earth’s dueling realities? The implications are staggering. Imagine if the ruins of Atlantis weren’t on the ocean floor, but somehow shifted onto a different plane of existence.

But the Biblical echoes don’t end there. Agnew paints a picture of Fallen Angels and other figures traditionally relegated to the sphere of religious belief. In his theory, they aren’t mere spirits, but beings who lost their dominance over the “high frequency” Earth and now seek to corrupt humanity and seize control of our world. It’s a chilling concept – our nightmares and darkest impulses might be the result of manipulation by these exiled forces.

Where is hope in all of this? Agnew suggests the outcome isn’t set in stone. He believes humans hold the potential to turn the tide through our actions, our choices. If enough people consciously reject negativity and align with the “high frequency” Earth, we can weaken the opposition and create a better future. It’s a potent, potentially dangerous idea – it offers both a reason for current chaos, and a call to action to fight for a brighter Earth.

Controversial? Absolutely. But Agnew’s incorporation of Biblical themes is sure to stir debate, prompting listeners to reexamine their understanding of ancient texts and consider the unseen forces that might be at play in our world.

The Bearth theory adds a breathtaking new dimension to the age-old UFO question. We’re not just pondering visitors from distant planets, but the possibility of travelers from parallel Earth dimensions. Are UFO sightings glimpses of the “high frequency” Earth breaking through the mystery? Or do they represent something more unsettling, evidence that the powers of the ‘low frequency’ domain wield technology far beyond our own?

Agnew suggests that the very fact we’re witnessing more UFO activity is a troubling sign. It hints that the weakening barrier between the two Earths is a two-way street. Perhaps these unexplained sightings aren’t proof of benign interest, but the first scouting missions for a planned invasion from a hostile reality. The idea casts a starkly different light on the long-standing debates about UFO abduction experiences and the shadowy intentions of their alleged perpetrators.

The split-Earth theory also offers a potential explanation for the baffling inconsistency of UFO encounters. Some seem benevolent, even helpful. Others are terrifying, manipulative, and seemingly at odds with human well-being. If these craft aren’t all from one unified alien civilization, but instead manifestations of forces from two opposing Earths, the variation in their behavior begins to make a disturbing kind of sense.

Agnew goes so far as to imply that Earth’s history could be rife with misinterpretations of these otherworldly encounters. Are ancient tales of gods and angels really just distorted accounts of interactions with beings from parallel realities? Did these entities, wielding “technology” indistinguishable from magic to civilizations of the past, become the basis for mythology and spiritual belief? It’s a profoundly unsettling question, rewriting not just our understanding of the present, but the very stories we tell ourselves about our past.

He even circles back to the billionaire conspiracy. Could their strange financial manipulations, their seemingly irrational investments, be tied to secret agreements with the powers of one Earth or the other? Did they trade access to our reality in exchange for technology, knowledge, or a seat of power in the world to come? It’s a paranoid thought, but one that taps into the deep human distrust of seemingly unchecked power.

But what’s his takeaway? Even if you reject the specifics, Agnew stresses individual responsibility. Instead of despairing at the supposed impending doom, he wants readers to take stock of their own lives. Are your actions aligned with kindness, or do they feed into negativity? It’s a message eerily echoing the Biblical themes he weaves into his fictional disaster scenario.

The Bearth theory speaks to an ancient human longing to peel back the curtain of reality. We’re not content with scientific explanations alone. Whether we gaze at the stars or pore over religious texts, it’s in our nature to believe there’s more out there than we can currently grasp.

To delve deeper into Dr. Brooks Agnew’s startling theories, be sure to check out his recent appearance on the Coast to Coast AM YouTube channel.

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