The sky’s got this pull on us, especially around Easter. It’s a time for big questions, the kind that make you look up at the stars and wonder about the universe and our place in it. You know…is there anyone else out there? This notion becomes even more intriguing when we consider the possibility that some answers might lie within the pages of our oldest texts, like the Bible. These narratives contain elements that could spark a sense of curiosity, particularly for those interested in the potential for extraterrestrial encounters.

One of the most compelling passages comes from the prophet Ezekiel and his awe-inspiring vision. Chapter 1 describes a celestial scene teeming with activity: a divine chariot borne aloft by “whirling wheels” amidst “flashes of lightning” and enigmatic beings resembling “gleaming bronze” with a form faintly reminiscent of our own. Those who theorize about hidden UFO references within the Bible see these descriptions as strong evidence–the wheels become otherworldly vehicles, the lightning a propulsion system of unknown origin.

Of course, skeptics offer a different perspective rooted in the realities of the time. They argue that the language of the Bible is deeply symbolic, colored by the limited scientific understanding of the ancient world. The wheels and flashes of fire could easily be metaphors for the staggering power and majesty of the divine. Additionally, in ancient Mesopotamia, chariots were common symbols used to convey royalty or godly power. It’s entirely possible that Ezekiel, when faced with a vision beyond the boundaries of human understanding, drew upon these familiar concepts to describe what he witnessed.

The angel thing gets really interesting when you start thinking about aliens. Think about those old paintings – glowing figures with wings descending from the clouds. Sounds a bit like the way people describe UFO encounters today, doesn’t it? Makes you wonder if maybe the ancients were seeing something we’d classify as extraterrestrial, but they interpreted it through their own understanding of the world.

Then there’s the whole Star of Bethlehem mystery. A light that moves across the sky, then stops dead over a specific spot? Sounds more like a craft than a natural phenomenon, if you ask some folks. But hey, back then, they didn’t have telescopes, so a bright comet could look pretty miraculous. Then again, maybe the story mixes a bit of actual observation with a whole lot of symbolic meaning.

Zechariah really throws a curveball with that “flying scroll” of his. Add in all the stories of clouds parting to reveal divine beings, and you can see why some people wonder if the Bible’s hinting at ancient encounters with some pretty advanced tech. ‘Course, you can never discount the power of metaphor either, people back then used their imaginations to make sense of what they saw.

It’s funny how those old angelic encounters echo in modern UFO stories. Beams of light, benevolent figures, messages of peace…you gotta admit, the similarity makes you think. Maybe there’s a common thread we haven’t fully grasped yet, a connection between what the faithful witnessed back then and what people are claiming to experience now.


The Bible holds several accounts ripe for similar interpretations. Elijah’s ascension to heaven in a “chariot of fire” (2 Kings 2:11) further blurs the lines. Theorists see this “chariot” as a literal, technologically advanced vehicle delivering Elijah to another realm. However, a skeptical view presents it as symbolism for Elijah’s transcendence from an earthly existence, his divine and miraculous passage beyond.

This pattern echoes in descriptions of “pillars of fire” and “wheels within wheels” throughout the sacred text. Read with a modern perspective, these passages seem ripe with fantastical imagery that could describe unknown aerial phenomena. Yet, it’s important to remember that ancient people often attributed natural phenomena they didn’t fully understand to divine power. A pillar of fire could simply have been a towering dust cloud illuminated by the setting sun, while the intricate image of “wheels within wheels” may represent the complexity of a vision rather than a literal object.

The concept of UFOs in the Bible becomes even more intriguing when considering the role of angels. Angels in Judeo-Christian tradition are often depicted as divine messengers adorned in light and bearing wings. However, some UFO researchers believe this description could also point to encounters with an alien presence. They argue that angels, seemingly capable of defying human limitations, may have been extraterrestrial beings misinterpreted as celestial entities in a theocentric worldview.

The iconic Star of Bethlehem, which according to the Gospel of Matthew, guided the Magi to the infant Jesus, serves as a prime example. The star’s reported movement across the sky, followed by its ability to hover above a specific location, defies the predictable behavior of celestial bodies. Therefore, the theory goes that the star could have been an alien craft piloted by beings who held awareness of the prophecies surrounding Jesus’s birth. But the vastness of the cosmos and the limitations of ancient astronomy must also be considered. Meteors, comets, or even an unusually radiant planet easily inspire stories when witnessed through eyes unfamiliar with the intricacies of the heavens. Moreover, the Star of Bethlehem may very well be a blend of a profound natural event with deeply symbolic meaning, representing divine guidance in the unfolding narrative of the Bible.

The Book of Zechariah offers another point of intrigue with its peculiar image of a “flying scroll.” This, coupled with the numerous “clouds” frequently depicted as vehicles for divine manifestation, has fueled speculation about advanced aerial technology present in biblical times. Was this technology a tool of God and his angels, or evidence of contact with an extraterrestrial species? It’s a question that sparks the imagination.

Modern UFO encounters sometimes resonate with this angelic connection. People claiming close contact with UFOs frequently report encounters with benevolent beings radiating light and offering messages of hope and peace. It’s a fascinating parallel, hinting at a persistent thread connecting the angels of religious lore and the light-infused entities reported in some modern UFO sightings. Whether coincidence, a misinterpretation of natural phenomena with a psychological basis, or a true encounter with the unknown, the similarity is compelling.

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