A widespread cellular outage is currently affecting major carriers across the United States, including AT&T, Verizon, and Cricket Wireless. Reports of service disruptions began surfacing today at approximately 7am, impacting cities from coast to coast. Users are experiencing difficulties making calls, sending texts, and accessing data services. Carriers have acknowledged the outage and are working to restore services, but the exact cause remains under investigation.

The timing of this outage coincides with a period of heightened solar activity. In the past 24 hours, two powerful X-class solar flares – the most intense type – erupted from the Sun. These flares were Earth-directed, raising the possibility of impacts on our planet’s technology.

Experts are currently investigating whether there could be a connection between the solar flares and the widespread cellular disruptions. While solar flares have the potential to interfere with satellites and other electronics, it’s important to emphasize that such events often occur without significant terrestrial consequences.

In the wake of infrastructure disruptions, public concern about potential cyberattacks is understandable. Authorities are undoubtedly investigating this angle alongside other possibilities, including technical malfunctions within carrier networks. Currently, there is no confirmed evidence to indicate a cyberattack is responsible for the outage.

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