In a recent interview on “Redacted with Clayton Morris,” a whistleblower’s stunning allegations about Lockheed Martin’s secret UFO crash retrieval program were brought to light. This information, divulged by the whistleblower and further elaborated by John Stewart, a former congressional candidate, unveils a shadowy world of covert operations and extraterrestrial technologies.

Lockheed Martin, a titan in the aerospace industry, is claimed to have its own alien recovery team. This team, according to the whistleblower, is dispatched to recover downed UFOs. This revelation, if true, not only confirms the existence of UFOs but also points to a deeply entrenched relationship between private aerospace companies and unexplained aerial phenomena.

The whistleblower alleges a specific incident that occurred in 2004 in Nevada. A Lockheed reproduction craft, presumably engineered using alien technology, reportedly crashed. This event, apparently tracked by the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), led to both groups converging on the crash site simultaneously.

What followed was a dramatic and tragic turn of events. A firefight broke out between the Lockheed Martin team and JSOC personnel, leading to the death of two JSOC members. This confrontation raises numerous questions about the nature of the relationship between private defense contractors, the military, and their respective roles in handling extraterrestrial technology.

John Stewart, the guest on the show, emphasized his role as an independent investigator and journalist. He recounted how his involvement in this story began with his emails being mysteriously wiped, which he reported to the FBI. This act of apparent sabotage adds another layer of intrigue to the story, suggesting that powerful forces are invested in keeping these matters secret.

The whistleblower’s claims extend beyond the 2004 incident. They suggest that Lockheed Martin has successfully reverse-engineered alien technology, a feat that they allegedly kept hidden from the government. According to the whistleblower, Lockheed even misled governmental oversight committees about their progress with extraterrestrial technology.

Further, the whistleblower intimates that Lockheed Martin created its own recovery team as early as the 1970s. This team was not only tasked with recovering alien technology but also with intercepting extraterrestrial craft independently of the government. This narrative, if true, reveals a complex and possibly competitive dynamic between private entities like Lockheed and government agencies in the realm of extraterrestrial engagement.


The testimony also touches upon the implications of such technologies being kept from the public. The whistleblower, as well as Stewart, express concerns about the potential benefits of alien technology, particularly in the fields of health and energy, which are being withheld from society.

In summary, the whistleblower’s allegations, as presented on the “Redacted with Clayton Morris” show, open a Pandora’s box of questions regarding Lockheed Martin’s role in UFO and alien technology recovery. It suggests a clandestine world where private corporations and government entities navigate an extraordinary and potentially game-changing realm of extraterrestrial technology. The implications of these claims, if substantiated, are profound, reshaping our understanding of both technology and the boundaries of human exploration.

Watched the full interview below. 

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