In the quiet of a summer evening in Tbilisi, a singular event unfolded that would etch itself into the history of ufology. The date was July 4, 1989, and what transpired would be a tale retold for generations.

A first-hand account from a local resident, referred to as David D., sheds light on this mystifying incident. David D. described encountering a ‘flying saucer’, complete with three legs and an array of colorful lights. Notably, the craft featured a staircase and illuminated windows, painting a picture of advanced technology. Near the saucer, at a distance of about 15-20 meters, stood four towering figures, each measuring between 2.5 to 3 meters in height.

This extraordinary sighting occurred in the vicinity of Mtacminda, a location known for its scenic beauty and now, an otherworldly encounter. David D. also shared detailed sketches of the UFO and the apparatus used by the beings, as well as a representation of the extraterrestrial entities themselves.

The case falls under the Hynek Classification of CE3 (Close Encounter of the Third Kind), characterized by the sighting of occupants within a UFO. This encounter features multiple intriguing elements, including humanoid figures, electromagnetic effects, vehicle interference, a distinctive humming sound, communication efforts, and physical contact.

The Georgian Ufological Association (GUFOA) provided the primary source material for this report. This encounter shares similarities with other notable cases, such as the Alfred Burtoo encounter and the Herbert Schirmer abduction case, particularly in aspects like vehicle interference and the auditory characteristics of the UFO.

Further adding to the intrigue, a related sighting occurred just days later. On July 12, 1989, at 0:01 AM in Okrokana, Georgia, Tamar Manasbpulo, an engineer at the Georgian Scientist Academy’s Physician Institutes, and her daughter witnessed a saucer-shaped object emitting a beam of light over Tbilisi. This sighting, remarkably close in both time and geography to David D.’s encounter, suggests a heightened UFO activity in the area during this period.

David D.’s own recounting of his experience is both vivid and compelling. He describes the evening’s events, starting with a mundane drive that quickly escalated into an extraordinary experience. His car malfunctioned near Mtacminda park, and this mechanical failure coincided with his sighting of the UFO. He recalls being drawn towards the craft, where he interacted with its occupants. These beings communicated with him, first in an unknown language and then in Russian. They expressed their intention to return and hinted at their advanced technological capabilities.


The encounter reached its peak when David D. was invited inside the saucer, where he witnessed advanced diagnostic equipment, far surpassing human technology. After this brief tour, he was reassured about his car’s functionality and allowed to leave. True to the entity’s word, his car operated normally upon his return.

This experience left physical evidence in the form of a black, oil-like substance found at the encounter site on July 11. Intriguingly, this substance disappeared shortly after, suggesting further activity by these mysterious visitors.

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