On April 23, 2007, Captain Ray Bowyer, a commercial pilot with a wealth of flying experience, reported an unusual sighting during a flight. This report, backed by air traffic control communications, brings into focus an encounter that stands out for its clarity and detail.

Captain Bowyer’s initial observation was a bright, yellow-orange object, distinctly different from typical aircraft or known atmospheric phenomena. His description, precise and focused, came from a place of professionalism and a deep understanding of the skies. Such an account from a seasoned pilot lends weight to the sighting.

The air traffic control transcripts reveal a series of communications between Captain Bowyer, other pilots, and air traffic controllers, highlighting a collective effort to understand this mysterious object. Notably, both Captain Bowyer and the pilot of Airline 544 used binoculars to get a better view of the object, indicating its unusual nature. Airline 544’s pilot corroborated Captain Bowyer’s sighting, describing a similarly bright, flat, platform-like object.

Interestingly, air traffic controller Roger confirmed the absence of known traffic in the area of the sighting, adding to the mystery. The object also appeared as a faint primary contact on radar, suggesting a tangible presence. This detail is crucial as it points to the object being more than an optical illusion or a weather-related phenomenon.

The event’s complexity deepened as more pilots reported seeing similar objects. Sky 597 Papa, another pilot in the area, was briefed on previous sightings and asked to look out for a cigar-shaped, bright yellow object. This request, along with the pilot’s response, underscores the widespread interest in the sighting.

J 912 Golf, yet another aircraft, was asked to observe the object as it was supposedly on its course towards Alderney. This direction to multiple aircraft to keep an eye out for the object underlines the seriousness with which the situation was handled.

The description of the objects as cigar-shaped and brightly colored, consistently reported by several pilots, adds a layer of intrigue to the encounter. Jersey Approach’s conversation with JY 511 further emphasizes the sighting’s peculiarity, noting that both the pilot and passengers of a previous flight, as well as another aircraft east of Sark, confirmed seeing the objects.


The incident culminated with air traffic control urging pilots to report any sightings or unusual activities. This proactive approach highlights the collective effort between pilots and air traffic controllers to document and understand such unexplained aerial phenomena.

The sighting reported by Captain Ray Bowyer and corroborated by other pilots and radar data presents a compelling case of an unidentified aerial phenomenon. The detailed witness accounts, consistency of the reports, and the lack of a conventional explanation for the sighting make this event notable. The response from the aviation community, marked by professionalism and a commitment to understanding unexplained phenomena, reflects the seriousness with which such encounters are treated.


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