Chris Bledsoe, a lifelong resident of North Carolina, never had “UFO” in his vocabulary. That is, until January 8, 2007, when his world turned upside down. Suffering from Crohn’s disease, Chris had retired in 2005 after selling his business. Little did he know that stepping away from his work would lead him to a confrontation with the unknown.

On that fateful day in 2007, Chris, feeling slightly better than before, decided to join his father and brother-in-law on a project at the coast. It was a way to get out and do something, despite his health. But what was supposed to be a simple trip turned into a four-month endeavor. It was on the last day of this project, a day meant for celebration, that Chris’s encounter with the inexplicable occurred.

Chris, his son Chris Jr., and a few others went fishing on their old family land by the river. As they enjoyed the cool January air, Chris, feeling unwell, decided to wander off alone. This decision led him into an experience that defied explanation. In the quiet of the woods, Chris felt an unnerving presence, something unusual that filled him with an inexplicable fear. It was as if he wasn’t alone; something was moving alongside him, hidden yet palpable.

Pushing through his fear, Chris continued on, hoping to see some deer. But as darkness fell, his sense of unease grew. Without a flashlight, he decided to return to the others, but they were happily fishing and suggested they stay longer. As they built a fire, Chris never imagined that his life was about to change forever.

He decided to venture back to the field, hoping to spot some deer. But what he encountered was far from the wildlife he expected. As he navigated the muddy road, he heard strange noises, felt an eerie silence, and sensed a presence that was distinctly otherworldly. In a moment that seemed out of a science fiction movie, Chris witnessed something unimaginable – UFOs appearing out of thin air, with one materializing as if through a zipper in the sky.

The encounter left him disoriented and shocked. When he returned to his group, they informed him that he had been gone for hours, not the mere minutes he had perceived. His son, Chris Jr., had even gone looking for him, experiencing his own harrowing encounter. The entire group was shaken, their eyes wide with disbelief and fear. They had witnessed something truly beyond comprehension.

In their haste to leave, they left behind their fishing gear, propelled by a primal urge to escape the inexplicable phenomenon they had just witnessed. On their way back, they encountered more inexplicable sightings – lights in the sky, strange beings moving in unnatural ways. The experience was traumatic, especially for Chris Jr., who became paranoid and fearful back at home.


Chris’s attempt to investigate the noises in the backyard that night only added to the terror. His dog, usually fearless, was terrified, barking into the woods at something unseen. When Chris and his father spent the night away from home, it was a respite from the unexplainable events that had besieged them.

This encounter was more than just a sighting; it was an event that left physical and emotional scars. Chris’s story, though questioned and doubted by skeptics and media, stands as a testament to the unknown mysteries of our world. His experience with the supernatural didn’t just stop at UFOs; it opened a Pandora’s box of paranormal activities around him, from ghostly happenings to unexplainable healings.

Chris Bledsoe’s harrowing experience transcends the mere sighting of a UFO. This is a real-life narrative of encountering forces that defy our conventional grasp of reality. His story is not a mere anecdote; it’s an eye-opener to the undeniable existence of otherworldly phenomena. Through his testimony, the veil between the known and the unknown is not just lifted but torn apart, revealing a universe teeming with inexplicable occurrences and entities. It compels us to acknowledge that our world is host to mysteries far beyond our current understanding, and these mysteries are not just figments of imagination but tangible, often terrifying realities. Bledsoe’s encounter is a stark reminder that we are not alone, and perhaps, we never were.

Watch Chris Bledsoe’s Close Encounter with Alien Forces in Fayetteville Interview Below.

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