In an age where the extraordinary often meshes with reality, Sammy Rawlinson emerges as a figure of profound intrigue. Known as the ‘New Nostradamus’, her predictions have not only captivated but also stirred a deep sense of unease. Her most recent forecast paints a chilling scenario, where humanity’s quest to explore celestial bodies might unwittingly invite an apocalyptic threat – a deadly alien fungus brought back to Earth, capable of wreaking havoc on a global scale.

Rawlinson, hailing from Stockton, Co Durham, carries an air of mystique, bolstered by her strikingly accurate predictions. Her foresight into political events, notably Donald Trump’s unexpected rise to power and David Cameron’s political descent, has marked her as a psychic force to be reckoned with. Her reach extends beyond the realm of politics, delving into natural calamities with an alarming accuracy that has left many astounded.

The reach of Rawlinson’s influence is far-reaching. Her social media presence, particularly on Facebook, is not just a mere digital footprint but a vibrant community of followers, eagerly awaiting her insights. Her ability to connect with people across continents, offering private readings to clients in distant lands like New Zealand, is a testament to her growing international influence.

However, it’s her prophecy about the alien fungus that has struck a chord of fear across the globe. In her vision, space exploration, a symbol of human progress, turns into an unwitting vehicle for an extraterrestrial threat. She describes this fungus as not just harmful but potentially catastrophic, capable of unleashing a virus for which humanity may find itself woefully unprepared. This narrative transcends the ordinary, evoking images of a science fiction scenario playing out in our real world.

In a domain often met with skepticism, Rawlinson’s predictions stand out for their boldness and unsettling accuracy. Her own father, Garry Rawlinson, a self-professed skeptic, acknowledges the undeniable nature of her gift. This reluctant admission from a skeptic adds a layer of credibility to her claims, challenging the dismissive attitudes often held towards psychic phenomena.

Rawlinson’s prophecies offer more than mere speculation; they are a window into potential futures that blend the terrifying with the fascinating. Her foresight into events like train crashes and volcanic eruptions, which she claims to have predicted accurately, adds weight to her more sensational predictions. While she admits to the inherent uncertainty in her predictions, aiming for an 80 to 90 percent accuracy, the impact of her words is undiminished.

The cultural landscape is replete with figures who have claimed prophetic insights, from the ancient seer Nostradamus to contemporary psychics like Baba Vanga. Rawlinson’s emergence as a modern-day oracle adds to this tapestry, weaving her own unique narrative into the fabric of prophetic lore. Her prophecies, particularly the one about the alien fungus, resonate with a growing public fascination with the unknown and unexplained.


Sammy Rawlinson’s predictions, particularly her alarming vision of an alien fungus endangering humanity, represent a fascinating blend of psychic insight and public intrigue. Her predictions, while open to interpretation and skepticism, continue to spark debate and capture the imagination, placing her firmly in the spotlight as a psychic whose words are impossible to ignore. As we navigate an increasingly uncertain future, the prophecies of the ‘New Nostradamus’ offer a compelling, if unsettling, perspective on what may lie ahead.



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