In 1952, a time when the world was gripped by Cold War anxieties and the thrilling possibilities of space exploration, an obscure company named SPHERES, INC., emerged from the shadows in North Hollywood, California. Their mission, cloaked in secrecy and ambitious in scope, was nothing less than to construct a real-life ‘flying saucer.’ This bold endeavor placed them at the heart of the era’s UFO craze, intertwining their fate with the intricate web of national security.

The communications from SPHERES, INC. to government and scientific elites were far from ordinary. These memos were audacious, declaring a radical departure from conventional aircraft technology. They sought high-level security clearances and the formation of an elite review team, signaling that their project wasn’t just significant—it was monumental, with implications that could potentially redefine the landscape of national defense.

Central to SPHERES, INC.’s clandestine activities was Colonel Doyle Rees, a prominent figure in military circles known for his work with the Air Force’s Special Investigations. Rees’s involvement was a clear indication that SPHERES, INC. was not engaged in a mere private venture but was instead embroiled in a project that pierced the veil of national defense.

Let’s delve into the heart of their work: the flying saucer. While the public was consumed by UFO sightings, SPHERES, INC. was hard at work in the lab, on the brink of a breakthrough in aerial warfare and espionage. They were about to introduce a technological marvel that would turn the tables on traditional aviation and intelligence strategies.

But here’s where things take a speculative turn. Rumors began to circulate about the true nature of SPHERES, INC.’s project. Some believed that their flying saucer was not a product of mere human ingenuity but rather the result of something much more extraordinary: the reverse engineering of extraterrestrial technology. It was whispered that SPHERES, INC. had somehow gained access to recovered alien craft, remnants of a UFO crash, and were now dissecting and repurposing this otherworldly technology for their own groundbreaking aircraft.

The involvement of Colonel Rees lent credibility to these speculations. His military background and connections hinted at the possibility that SPHERES, INC. was perhaps a front for a much larger, government-sanctioned operation. This operation, shrouded in utmost secrecy, could very well be involved in studying and harnessing alien technology, blending human innovation with extraterrestrial marvels.

The concept of crash retrieval and reverse engineering in this context was not just a wild conjecture; it was a hypothesis that fit perfectly into the puzzle. Given the technological leap that SPHERES, INC.’s flying saucer represented, it was not far-fetched to assume that they had access to advanced, non-human technologies. After all, how else could one explain the sudden emergence of such revolutionary technology during a period characterized by relatively incremental advancements in aviation?


The saga of SPHERES, INC. thus transforms into a tale that transcends mere technological innovation. It becomes a narrative steeped in mystery and speculation, where the boundaries between human ingenuity and alien technology blur. The story of their flying saucer project is not just about a company daring to venture into uncharted technological territories; it is about the tantalizing possibility that we might have been aided, albeit secretly, by technologies not of this world.

In conclusion, the story of SPHERES, INC., Colonel Rees, and their flying saucer project is more than a historical account of a daring venture in the 1950s. It is a speculative journey into the realm of UFO crash retrievals and reverse engineering, a narrative that challenges our understanding of technological progress and opens the door to a world where the lines between science fiction and science fact become indistinguishably blurred. This is not just a story of human achievement; it is a narrative that invites us to ponder the profound implications of what it means if we have indeed been tapping into the vast and mysterious universe of extraterrestrial technology.


This article is speculative, based on intriguing tweets and documents presented below. It explores the possibility of a covert 1950s effort to exploit alien technology.


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