Four years after the onset of Covid-19, China is once again enforcing mask mandates and social distancing measures in response to a worrisome outbreak of a mysterious pneumonia-like illness. Alarming scenes have surfaced showing crowded hospitals in various parts of the country, with a particular focus on northern areas like Beijing and Liaoning. These regions have seen a significant influx of patients, especially children, over the past week, stretching hospital resources thin.

This new wave of respiratory illness is primarily attributed to an infection known as mycoplasma pneumoniae, a common bacterial cause of pneumonia that has been prevalent since May. However, recent developments have raised concerns, as lung scans of patients are showing signs of ground glass opacity, an indication of severe respiratory distress. This condition, often referred to as “white lung syndrome,” has caused considerable anxiety among parents who now face long waits for emergency medical care for their children.

Despite these troubling signs, Chinese officials maintain that the outbreak is a result of the flu and other typical winter illnesses, rather than a novel virus. They express confidence in their ability to manage the increase in cases. Nonetheless, the situation has prompted calls for the opening of additional fever clinics and an emphasis on vaccinating children and the elderly.

Mi Feng, a spokesman for the health ministry, emphasized the importance of expanding clinic and treatment area capacities, extending service hours, and boosting medicine supplies. He also urged the public to wear masks and called for concentrated efforts to prevent the spread of illness in densely populated settings, including schools and nursing homes.

However, these assurances come amidst reports of escalating patient numbers. A children’s hospital in Beijing informed CCTV, a state media outlet, that it is receiving over 7,000 patients daily, surpassing its capacity. This alarming statistic underscores the severity of the current health challenge facing China, as it grapples with the resurgence of a respiratory illness reminiscent of the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Source: WHO


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