In a groundbreaking disclosure on The Good Trouble Show with Matt Ford on YouTube, a Daily Mail article has brought to light a covert CIA program known as the Office of Global Access. This revelation, centering on the recovery of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs), widely known as UFOs, marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing debate about extraterrestrial activities and government secrecy.

The story, first shared by Matt Ford and further elaborated by co-authors Josh Boswell and Christopher Sharp, delves into the complex operations involving special forces from the Joint Special Operations Command or privately hired contractors. These elite teams are tasked with the recovery of off-world vehicles, raising critical concerns about the extent of democratic oversight in such clandestine activities.

This investigation originated in the summer, spurred by curiosity about the logistics of crash retrieval operations involving potentially non-human crafts. Initial inquiries were directed towards the Department of Energy and the National Nuclear Security Administration, focusing on their handling of unknown radiological materials. Although they routinely deal with materials of uncertain origins, there was a clear denial of encountering any non-human materials.

Subsequent research pointed to the involvement of the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). Attempts to gain clarity from JSOC were met with noncommittal responses, adding a layer of intrigue to the investigation. The research then extended to the CIA’s Science and Technology directorate, particularly the enigmatic Office of Global Access.

The intricate journalistic collaboration, highlighted on The Good Trouble Show, brought together diverse sources and investigative techniques. This collaborative effort revealed a process suggesting the CIA’s capability to detect and dispatch units to recover advanced crafts of unknown origin from across the globe. Such an operation implies the existence of highly sophisticated satellite technology, well beyond the realm of public knowledge.

Special operations forces, according to the investigation, play a crucial role in these retrieval missions, operating in diverse and often restricted environments. This revelation not only underscores the complexity of these operations but also emphasizes the tension between national security needs and the democratic principle of transparency.

A crucial aspect of this story, as discussed on the YouTube show, is the involvement of private contractors alongside government operatives in these covert missions. This blurs the lines of accountability and oversight, raising significant questions about the governance of such sensitive operations.


The political dimensions of this issue, particularly surrounding the Schumer Amendment on UAP and non-human intelligence, further complicate the narrative. The dismissive stance of some political figures starkly contrasts with the urgency and significance attributed to these phenomena by defense and intelligence communities.

The revelations brought forward on The Good Trouble Show and elaborated in the Daily Mail article represent more than just an exposé of a secret program. They challenge the foundational principles of governance, secrecy, and knowledge in democratic societies, calling for a more informed and transparent approach to potentially world-changing discoveries.



The Good Trouble Show with Matt Ford

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