In the predawn hours of March 8, 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, carrying 239 souls, vanished from radar screens, initiating a perplexing aviation enigma. This event, which has confounded experts and the public for years, recently returned to the forefront due to two enigmatic videos. These videos, purportedly showing the aircraft engulfed in flames and shadowed by three unidentified objects, have reignited a wave of intense interest and scrutiny.

Approximately nine weeks following the flight’s disappearance, the first video emerged on YouTube, posted by a third party. It depicted what appeared to be a burning jet airliner, followed by three spiraling orbs. As the video progressed, these orbs aligned vertically and disappeared in a sudden burst, leaving a trail of smoke. A second video surfaced a month later, presenting a different angle of the same event. Despite their removal from YouTube, these videos have remained accessible on, continuing to fuel debate and speculation.

Leading the analysis of these videos is Ashton Forbes and his team, who have conducted extensive research. Employing digital forensics and consulting with CGI experts, they have sought to verify the authenticity of the footage. Additionally, they have included eyewitness accounts and government data in their investigation. Their website meticulously details their findings, countering various claims that sought to discredit the videos.

The source of the first video is linked to USA-229, a pair of American signals intelligence satellites. These satellites, capable of generating 3D stereoscopic images, were reportedly positioned ideally to capture this extraordinary occurrence. Notably, the footage was recorded in complete darkness, using wavelengths that enhance detail and depth perception.

The origin of the second video is attributed to an MQ-1C Gray Eagle unmanned combat drone, equipped with infrared and thermal imaging technologies. This drone’s footage focuses on the heat signatures around the incident, offering a distinct but complementary perspective to the satellite imagery.

The leak of these videos appears to have been orchestrated by Lieutenant Commander Edward Lynn. Initially accused of espionage, subsequent court documents indicated that the classified information he allegedly leaked was related to the technology used in capturing these videos.

Forbes and his team have undertaken a remarkable effort to reconstruct Flight 370’s final moments. They utilized Inmarsat satellite pings, military radar, and eyewitness accounts to plot the flight’s path, suggesting an abrupt diversion towards Penang after departing from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Multiple witnesses reported seeing a glowing, orange aircraft and hearing a loud explosion.

Adding to the complexity is the Chinese government’s involvement. They initially released satellite images showing what they claimed were debris, only to later retract this claim, further deepening the mystery.


Additionally, reports emerged of 19 families successfully connecting calls to the missing passengers’ phones, but receiving no response. This peculiar detail adds to the myriad of unanswered questions surrounding the disappearance.

The connection of 23 passengers to Freescale Semiconductors, a leader in superconductor technology, introduces intriguing theories. The events in the videos resemble hypotheses of superconductor-based teleportation systems, drawing parallels to the ‘Foo Fighters’ reported by American pilots during World War II, mysterious luminous objects that remain unexplained.

The analysis of the videos reveals a depth of detail that challenges the notion of a simple hoax. The tracking of the aircraft, the alignment of heat signatures with its structure, and the turbulence experienced by the drone as it flew beneath the smoke trail all suggest a real-time recording of a catastrophic event.

The plane and the orbs vanish in a flash in the videos, correlating with the abrupt cessation of Inmarsat data transmissions from the aircraft, deepening the enigma.

The videos have seen a resurgence on platforms such as a UFO-themed Reddit subreddit, indicating enduring interest in Flight 370’s fate. The original uploader, known as regicide Anan, had a history of sharing UFO-related content, adding another layer to this complex tale.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 remains an unsolved mystery, made more intriguing by these recent video revelations. Forbes and his team’s thorough analysis presents a compelling case for continued investigation. The combination of advanced satellite and drone technology, eyewitness testimony, and the peculiar behavior of the objects in the videos suggests a narrative that transcends typical aviation incidents.

While theories range from extraterrestrial involvement to advanced military technology, the truth remains shrouded. The phenomena observed in the videos, such as the orbs’ defiance of gravity and precise movements, suggest an as-yet unrecognized level of technological advancement.

These findings not only pertain to the tragic loss of Flight 370 but also hint at the possibility of technologies and phenomena that could revolutionize our understanding of physics and aerospace. The parallels drawn to historical unexplained aerial phenomena and the involvement of a leading semiconductor firm link this contemporary mystery to a legacy of technological enigmas.

Source: Ashton Forbes:  YouTube Channel

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