In the history of unexplained aerial phenomena, few cases are as intriguing as the encounter of the USS Memphis with a large ‘V’-shaped UFO off the Florida coast on October 24, 1989. This event, detailed by a sailor from the US Navy, stands out not only for the sighting itself but also for the unusual electromagnetic effects reported and the subsequent reactions of the military. As we delve into this remarkable incident, it becomes clear why this case continues to captivate the interest of both researchers and the public.

The USS Memphis, a nuclear submarine, was tasked with a special mission that involved the protection of the Space Program. Stationed near Cape Canaveral, Florida, its operations were integral to the safety and security of space missions. On that fateful day in October, while patrolling approximately 150 miles off the Florida coast, the submarine encountered something extraordinary and unexplainable.

As the submarine cruised at about 500 feet below the surface, the crew began experiencing a series of electronic malfunctions. The problems were not minor; the ship’s navigation and communication systems were failing, and the reactor controls started malfunctioning. This posed a serious threat to the safety of the vessel and its crew. Reacting to this critical situation, the captain ordered the submarine to surface and switch to diesel motors, a standard emergency procedure in such scenarios.

Once surfaced, the crew witnessed an astonishing sight. A large inverted V-shaped object was visible off the port side of the submarine. The UFO, as described by the witness, was massive, measuring over a half-mile across. Its presence in the sky was marked by a vivid red glow, altering the atmosphere in its vicinity. The rain seemed to stop under the UFO’s glow, and the water appeared to rise around it, creating an almost surreal scene.

This mysterious craft executed a half-circle maneuver around the USS Memphis. As it moved, the submarine’s electronic systems, already in disarray, began to exhibit further anomalies. Some systems even suffered permanent damage, particularly in the communications and sonar areas. The UFO’s influence on the submarine’s electronic equipment was undeniable, indicating a technological capability far beyond what was known or understood at the time.

The UFO’s departure was as mysterious as its arrival. It moved off at a tremendous speed, disappearing from sight within seconds. The sky, which had been illuminated by a strange red hue, returned to normal. In the wake of the UFO‘s exit, the submarine’s systems also began to return to normal functionality, except for those that had sustained permanent damage.

The aftermath of the encounter was as intriguing as the event itself. The military’s response to the incident was swift and, in some ways, quite unusual. The crew of the USS Memphis, including the captain and executive officer, were quickly reassigned to different posts. This mass reassignment was highly atypical, as naval crews, especially those of specialized vessels like nuclear submarines, are generally stable and changes are infrequent unless prompted by promotions or new command assignments.


The witness, along with two other enlisted men, was taken into protective custody shortly after reaching port. They were presented with a rather unconvincing explanation involving an exploding weather satellite. Given their direct experience with the UFO, the crew found this explanation hard to accept. The haste and nature of the military’s response to this incident, including the dispersion of the crew, suggest an attempt to manage the situation in a manner that minimized exposure and discussion of the event.

This UFO encounter raises several important questions. The technological aspects observed during the incident, such as the electromagnetic effects on the submarine’s systems and the UFO’s extraordinary maneuverability, point to capabilities that are not publicly acknowledged in any existing human technology. The military’s response, particularly the rapid reassignment of the crew and the dismissive explanation offered, indicates a level of concern and control that is typically associated with matters of significant sensitivity.

The USS Memphis UFO encounter is a compelling case that continues to intrigue and raise questions about the nature of unexplained aerial phenomena and the response of military organizations to such events. The electromagnetic effects, the size and capabilities of the UFO, and the subsequent actions of the military add layers of complexity and mystery to this case. As with many such incidents, it provides fertile ground for speculation and investigation, remaining a significant point of interest in the study of UFOs and their interactions with military forces.


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