It’s All True” podcast featuring Grant, Chy Dena, George, and journalist Ross Coulthart. The episode is a significant contribution to the ongoing public discourse about UFOs and UAPs, marking a clear departure from the era of skepticism and secrecy to one of openness and investigation.

Ross Coulthart’s transition from a career in mainstream journalism to UFO research is a focal point of the podcast. His background adds a layer of credibility to the UFO conversation, signaling a notable shift in how these phenomena are perceived. Coulthart’s involvement exemplifies the growing acceptance of UFOs and UAPs as worthy subjects for serious journalistic and scientific exploration.

The podcast delves into the nature of UAPs, challenging our conventional understanding of physics and technology. The hosts and Coulthart discuss the possibility that these phenomena might represent more than just advanced technology – suggesting they could be a form of consciousness interacting with human perception. This perspective pushes the boundaries of the traditional UFO narrative into new, uncharted territories.

Ross Coulthart, delves into a critical aspect of UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) research: the observables. These observables are key characteristics that define UAPs and differentiate them from conventional aircraft or known natural phenomena. Coulthart and the hosts discuss these in detail, bringing to light the complexities and peculiarities of UAP encounters.

The UAP observables commonly include:

Instantaneous Acceleration: UAPs often display the ability to change speed and direction almost instantaneously, defying known laws of physics and aerodynamics as understood in conventional aircraft technology.

Hypersonic Velocities Without Signatures: UAPs have been recorded moving at speeds significantly higher than those achievable by known aircraft, often without leaving the typical signatures such as sonic booms.


Low Observability or Cloaking: Many UAPs exhibit the ability to be visually elusive or even appear invisible, both to the naked eye and to various detection systems.

Trans-medium Travel: UAPs have been reported to move effortlessly between different environments, such as air and water, without losing momentum or undergoing observable changes in their flight characteristics.

Anti-Gravity Lift: Unlike conventional aircraft which rely on aerodynamic forces to achieve lift, UAPs seem to defy gravity, hovering or moving without any apparent means of propulsion or lift.

Coulthart’s emphasis on these observables underlines the extraordinary nature of UAPs and challenges our current understanding of physics and aviation. The discussion in the podcast highlights how these characteristics not only deepen the mystery surrounding UAPs but also push scientists, researchers, and governments to reconsider what is possible in aerospace technology and physics. This conversation about UAP observables is crucial, as it moves the topic beyond speculative anecdotes into a realm where tangible, measurable phenomena demand serious scientific attention and inquiry.

A key point of the discussion is the changing approach of governments and militaries toward UFOs. The shift from denial and secrecy to acknowledgment and investigation marks a significant change in official attitudes. This evolution in policy has global implications, emphasizing the importance of UFO sightings across different cultures and nations.

The conversation also touches on the historical context of UFOs, suggesting that these phenomena have likely influenced human experiences and beliefs for centuries. The global nature of UFO sightings further reinforces their significance, demanding a worldwide conversation and response.

In summary, “It’s All True” captures the essence of the current UFO dialogue. It’s a platform where UFOs and UAPs are discussed openly, shedding light on their potential impact on science, technology, and our understanding of reality. The podcast reflects the growing consensus that these phenomena deserve serious consideration and study, positioning them at the forefront of contemporary scientific inquiry and public interest.

Source:”Beyond the Fringe: Reacting to Ross Coulthart’s Insights on UAPs in ‘It’s All True’ Podcast [Watch Here:]”

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