Rex Heflin PhotoOn a seemingly typical afternoon in Santa Ana, California, August 3, 1965, Rex Heflin, an industrious highway inspector for Orange County, was about to face a phenomenon that would challenge the conventional, thrusting him into the spotlight of UFO enthusiasts and skeptics alike.

While driving his county vehicle, going about his usual inspection tasks, the unexpected occurred. At precisely 12:37 P.M., the mundane horizon was broken by a sight that was anything but ordinary. Suspended above the road was an object that defied logic – a metallic disc adorned with a dome, reminiscent of a stylized hat. This wasn’t any aircraft or balloon Heflin was familiar with; it was something entirely different.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Heflin reached for his trusty Polaroid camera, an essential tool he used to document highway-related issues. Understanding the rarity of the moment, he swiftly captured three photographs of the shimmering object. But the spectacle wasn’t over. As the object began to move away, it left behind a curious black “smoke ring,” which Heflin also managed to photograph.

Amidst this visual marvel, Heflin faced another peculiar anomaly. Attempts to radio his base for guidance or report his findings were met with silence. The device, which worked flawlessly earlier, refused to cooperate. Only after the mysterious object disappeared from sight did the radio spring back to life, operating as if nothing had happened.

Word of Heflin’s encounter started to spread. The Santa Ana Register, a prominent local newspaper, recognized the significance of the event and featured one of Heflin’s photographs on September 20, 1965. This piece quickly garnered national attention, with multiple news agencies picking up the story, amplifying its reach across the country.

The narrative was intriguing enough to pique the interest of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP). The Los Angeles Subcommittee, steered by the astute leadership of Idabel Epperson, took upon themselves the task of unraveling the truth behind the photographs. Their probe was exhaustive, encompassing background checks, on-site evaluations, and rigorous photo analyses. Throughout this period, both Heflin and the Santa Ana Register extended their full cooperation, providing the committee with all the necessary resources and information.

Robert Nathan, a renowned figure from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, made significant strides in the investigation. By meticulously examining first-generation prints and copy negatives supplied by the newspaper, Nathan deduced substantial evidence validating the “light beam” emanating from the object’s underside. This discovery was crucial, especially since the Air Force had hastily dismissed the photographs as mere fabrications. Nathan’s detailed analysis countered the Air Force’s stance, specifically refuting the idea of the UFO being a simple model hung by a string.


Yet, the journey to the truth wasn’t without its obstacles. In a perplexing turn of events, individuals masquerading as representatives from the North American Air Defense Command deceitfully procured the copy negatives from Heflin. Subsequent reviews, notably by Bill Spaulding of Ground Saucer Watch, pointed to a faint line above the object. This insinuated potential evidence tampering or the possibility that a model was employed. However, such claims were hotly contested. No such markings were discernible in the original captures by Nathan, the newspaper, or other NICAP experts.

In a subsequent development in 1993, Jeffrey Sainio, a skilled photo analyst affiliated with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), revisited Spaulding’s findings. After rigorous scrutiny, Sainio firmly rebuffed the string theory, lending further credibility to the authenticity of Heflin’s photographs.

Documenting the specifications, Heflin’s Polaroid Model 101 camera boasted features like a 114 mm focal length, variable aperture, an in-built light meter, and automatic settings. The images were captured on Type 107 black & white film with an impressive ASA of 3000.


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