In the heart of the picturesque region of Valensole, France, with its sprawling lavender fields, 1965 marked an unusual chapter. What started as an ordinary July morning for farmer Maurice Masse soon transformed into an experience that would challenge the boundaries of belief and understanding.

Maurice MasseMaurice Masse had been tending to his lavender fields, a source of pride and livelihood, when he noticed peculiar bare spots on the ground. While investigating these anomalies, he came across two figures he initially mistook for children. But as he drew closer, the reality began to shift dramatically. Nearby, an unfamiliar object caught his attention, and the “children” revealed themselves to be anything but. Their peculiar features – notably, large bald heads, pasty complexions, and distinctly slanted eyes – stood in stark contrast to any human being.

Adjacent to these beings was a craft, unlike any conventional vehicle. Its design was foreign, oval-shaped, and appeared to be supported by six curved legs, with a central pivot visible. Maurice could discern two back-to-back seats inside the craft through an opening. As he attempted to process the scene, one of the beings pointed a tube-like device at him. A sudden force emanated from it, paralyzing him on the spot.

Though immobilized, Maurice’s consciousness remained intact. He observed the beings communicate, making peculiar gurgling sounds. Their expressions seemed to convey concern as they studied him. Their appearance was further detailed by Masse as having hairless heads, smooth white skin, pointed chins, and small lipless mouths. After a short period, the beings re-entered their craft, which then ascended and departed, leaving behind a deep crater and a patch of ground that hardened like concrete.

The aftermath of the encounter was profound. Maurice found himself incapacitated for about twenty minutes before regaining mobility. However, the effects of the encounter lingered. In the days that followed, he experienced dramatic changes in his sleep patterns and behavior. Known for his resilience as a former Resistance fighter and recognized as trustworthy by local authorities, Maurice’s account of the event became a subject of intense scrutiny.

The physical evidence at the encounter site further deepened the mystery. The ground where the craft had purportedly landed was unusually moist, despite the absence of recent rainfall. Geometrically spaced indentations marked the site, and nearby plants showed signs of decay, seemingly affected by their proximity to the craft’s landing spot. Soil samples from the landing area revealed a significantly higher calcium content compared to other parts of the field.

Maurice Masse (1)The Valensole incident garnered the attention of renowned UFO researcher Dr. Jacques Vallee. In a later visit to the site in 1979, Vallee had an enlightening conversation with Maurice Masse. Masse expressed his belief in continued subtle contact with the beings post the encounter. Vallee’s observations and interactions with Masse reinforced the notion of the farmer’s genuineness and the profound impact the encounter had on him.


Another intriguing facet of this case was when Maurice was shown a sketch of a UFO from an incident in Socorro, New Mexico, from the previous year. The object had been witnessed by policeman Lonnie Zamora. Remarkably, Masse identified the craft in the drawing, exclaiming, “Someone else has seen my UFO.”

Further adding to the intrigue, the spot where the alleged UFO had landed remained barren for years, resisting any attempts at cultivation. Both the Valensole and the Socorro incidents, while separated by geography, shared uncanny similarities. Neither conclusively proved the existence of extraterrestrial life. Yet, they stood as compelling accounts of unidentified craft with occupants landing and taking off. Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who had personally interviewed Zamora, found the officer’s account credible but refrained from providing a concrete explanation.

Maurice Masse’s experience, backed by physical evidence and corroborated by subsequent investigations, invites us to consider the vast possibilities that exist beyond our current realm of knowledge. Whether a visitor from another world or an unexplained earthly phenomenon, the Valensole incident continues to ignite curiosity and provoke thought.

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