Paignton, a serene coastal town situated in Devon, England, is often characterized by its gentle waves, historic landmarks, and the harmonious lives of its residents. But every so often, an event occurs that challenges the ordinary, making us question the very fabric of reality. Such was the case on a seemingly uneventful summer evening in 1998.

Fred Lewis, by all accounts a regular resident of Paignton, decided, as was his routine, to take his dog out for an evening walk. The sun was setting, casting long shadows and painting the sky in hues of orange and purple. But as they neared a particular fence, the scene shifted from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Lewis’s dog, displaying an uncharacteristic behavior, fixed its gaze on a particular spot in the field. The intensity and focus in the dog’s eyes were palpable. Trusting the instincts of his canine companion, Lewis turned his attention to the same spot. Initially, there was nothing. But in a matter of moments, the empty space began to shift.

Describing the event, Lewis recalled, “An object materialized over a space of about 3 seconds. It began like a faint hologram, but quickly solidified, becoming tangible and very real.” This wasn’t a fleeting vision in the corner of his eye; the object was undeniably present and merely 40 feet away. Taking the form of a rectangular block, its dimensions were clear: about 10 feet in length, 4 feet wide, and 3 feet deep.

But the mysteries surrounding this object didn’t end with its sudden appearance. Lewis, with a keen observer’s eye, noted several peculiarities. The object, whether it was slightly above the ground or resting upon it, showcased two pronounced holes at its back. These openings emitted an orange-yellow light that pulsed slowly at first. As minutes passed, the pulsations grew more rapid, and in response, the object began to levitate, rising to approximately 2 feet off the ground. The synchronized dance of light and motion led Lewis to believe that a significant event was on the horizon.

News of this encounter didn’t remain confined to the quiet lanes of Paignton. As word spread, the town became a focal point for both the curious and the skeptical. Journalists, UFO enthusiasts, and locals all sought to understand, analyze, and perhaps even experience a hint of the mystery that Lewis had encountered.

Through all the discussions, debates, and speculations, one element remained consistent – the genuine bafflement and sincerity in Lewis’s account. Here was a man, not known for flights of fancy, recounting an experience that defied logical explanation. His detailed observations, the consistent narrative, and even the corroborative behavior of his dog added layers of authenticity to his claims.


Decades have passed since that summer evening in Paignton. While the world has moved on, embracing new technologies and understanding, the evening of 1998 stands as a testament to the universe’s endless mysteries. In the grand tapestry of human experiences, Lewis’s encounter reminds us that there are moments, glimpses, and events that might forever remain unexplained, urging us to keep our minds open to the infinite possibilities that surround us.

Video below from Eyes On Cinema YouTube Channel

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