It was a night like any other in the picturesque setting of Australia’s mountainous region. Kelly Cahill, accompanied by her husband, was making their way to a friend’s residence to celebrate a birthday. The trip was a familiar one, taking about an hour and a half and leading them past fields before culminating at a major shopping centre.

As the darkness blanketed the landscape, an unusual sight caught Kelly’s attention. From her vantage point in the car, she noticed a ring of captivating orange lights in a field. Hesitant to mention it to her husband for fear of ridicule, she kept the observation to herself. However, mere minutes later, she couldn’t contain her excitement and shared her sighting. Her husband, initially skeptical, dismissed it as possibly being a helicopter. But the fact that it emitted no sound was puzzling.

Upon arriving at their destination, the topic of the unidentified flying object surfaced again. Kelly’s recounting of the event was met with jest, with her friend’s father poking fun at the possibility of “little green men.” The evening continued as they enjoyed a game of bingo, but the sighting was still fresh in Kelly’s mind.

Their return journey home took a turn for the extraordinary. Both Kelly and her husband observed a hovering ring in the distance. As they approached, it became evident that this wasn’t just a play of lights or a trick of the eye. The structure was well-defined, with what looked like windows illuminated by lights at the bottom. Distinctly, shadowy figures could be seen inside, making the experience even more surreal. Before they could fully process what they were seeing, the object darted off, disappearing into the night sky.

As they continued their drive, another unexpected phenomenon occurred. A blinding light appeared ahead, forcing Kelly to shield her eyes. The intensity of the light was such that they couldn’t see anything beyond it. This sudden illumination was followed by a blackout, a period where both of them couldn’t recall what transpired. When they regained their senses, they were further down the road with no memory of how they got there. To add to the strangeness of the evening, a peculiar smell of vomit filled the car, and both experienced unexplained stomach pains.

Upon reaching home, Kelly discovered a triangular mark below her navel, resembling a surgical scar. In the subsequent days, she experienced medical anomalies like unexpected menstrual bleeding and became severely ill, which culminated in her hospitalization. Doctors were puzzled by her symptoms. They suggested possibilities ranging from an unexpected pregnancy to a gynecological procedure, neither of which Kelly had experienced recently.

But the physical manifestations were just one aspect of this bewildering event. Kelly’s memories of that fateful night began to unravel further. She remembered crossing the road towards a paddock and being met by tall, black beings with glowing red eyes. These figures seemed to approach rapidly, gliding towards her and the other eyewitnesses. The night’s events felt fragmented and confusing, with voices and temporary blindness adding to the disorientation.


Kelly’s recollections weren’t derived from any hypnosis sessions, but from her conscious memory. Later, she did undergo a session, but it didn’t reveal anything significant. She remembered the tall, black beings dividing into groups, focusing on her, her husband, and other people who were present. Voices, sensations, and a profound sense of fear marked these interactions.

Her husband, while corroborating the sighting of the UFO, had a different recollection of the events that followed. He didn’t experience the blackout or remember the beings. Yet, the smell of vomit and the unexplained abdominal pain were consistent in both their experiences.

The incident remains one of Australia’s most intriguing UFO encounters. While some dismiss it as a hallucination or a concocted story, the consistency in Kelly’s accounts, coupled with her husband’s experiences and the physical evidence, make it hard to ignore. Whether it was an extraterrestrial encounter, a military experiment, or something else entirely, the events of that night have left an indelible mark on Kelly Cahill’s life and continue to be a topic of fascination for UFO enthusiasts and skeptics alike.




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