As dawn unfurled its golden tendrils across the Cascade Mountains near Mt. St. Helens, Washington, on the brisk morning of February 25, 1999, a day of routine awaited a team of fourteen forestry workers. Entrusted with the task of planting seedling trees on the verdant slopes, the group, adorned in their work attire, embraced their task with the habitual ease that marked their daily toil. Among them, three individuals found mild amusement in observing a herd of elk peacefully grazing in the valley below. Unbeknownst to them, the serenity of their morning was on the cusp of being shattered by an event that would forever linger in their memories.

As the morning sun ascended, casting longer shadows on the snow-speckled hillside, the calm sky gradually unveiled a peculiar disc-shaped object, silently drifting over a nearby ridge. Descending into the valley towards the unsuspecting herd of elk, its presence disrupted the stillness that adorned the cold winter air. Initially mistaken for a drifting parachute by the trio, the object’s deliberate, wobble-infused descent soon caught the attention of the three workers, who promptly alerted their eleven colleagues. The sight that awaited them was unlike anything they had ever witnessed.

The disc’s silent voyage over the ridge and its descent into the valley bore an air of intent that was palpable amongst the onlookers. As the object continued its descent, the three original observers shouted to their eleven co-workers, bringing the bizarre spectacle to their attention. Now, fourteen pairs of eyes were transfixed on the object as it made its way towards the elk, its path marked by a slight but noticeable wobble.

The unsuspecting elk, engrossed in their morning grazing, remained oblivious to the encroaching object until it was within a strikingly close proximity. Suddenly, as if sensing the unknown, the herd scattered in a frenzy of fear. The majority darted towards the east, seeking the sanctuary of dense foliage, save for one lone elk that trotted north down a logging road. It was this solitary elk that the object pursued, its path deliberate as it positioned itself directly above the animal.

The ensuing spectacle left the forestry workers in a state of disbelief. With no visible means of support, the object seemed to lift the elk off the ground, suspending it in mid-air as it began to maneuver through the trees. The disc, now carrying its living cargo, exhibited a pronounced wobble as it ascended slowly up a clear-cut slope, its course marked by the brief rustle of treetops it brushed against.

As the disc made its ascent, the workers could only watch in amazement as it executed a 360-degree turn, its path now aimed towards the east. It ascended with a deliberate pace, its silhouette against the sky growing smaller until it vanished into the vast blue expanse, leaving behind a trail of bewildered witnesses and a herd of agitated elk.

The prompt report to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) triggered a cascade of investigative endeavors. Spearheaded by Peter B. Davenport, the Director of NUFORC, and Robert A. Fairfax, the Director of Investigations for the Washington State Chapter of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the investigative duo, along with a team of seasoned investigators, descended upon the incident site. Through meticulous interviews and a thorough examination of the vicinity, they sought to unravel the mystery that unfolded on that fateful day.


As they delved into eyewitness accounts and examined the area for any residual evidence, the narrative that emerged was both astonishing and consistent among the witnesses. The investigation, although meticulous and exhaustive, left many questions unanswered. The body of a female elk discovered nearby, its lifeless form a silent testament to the bizarre event, added a layer of complexity to the already enigmatic incident. Yet, it remained undetermined whether it was the same elk that met the unusual fate.

This incident, now etched in the annals of UFO encounters, presents a narrative that beckons the curious to delve deeper into the mysteries that our skies may hold. Each recounting of the event, be it in the pages of FATE Magazine or the records of MUFON, resonates with the undying human curiosity for the unknown, and the perpetual quest to explore the unexplained.

The Washington State Elk Abduction continues to reverberate through the discourse surrounding extraterrestrial encounters, its narrative a persistent call to the curious, urging them to look up and ponder the mysteries that unfold in the skies above. The forestry workers, forever bound by the shared experience of the extraordinary, returned to the mundanity of their routine, the memory of that day a lingering echo of the unordinary amidst the ordinary.

Witness testimony of a daytime elk abduction by a UFO in the Mount St. Helens area of Washington State on February 25, 1999.

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