Danny Jones’ YouTube channel recently featured Randall Carlson, who shared startling findings that may fundamentally change our views on ancient civilizations. The interview is making waves, not just among his dedicated following, but also among experts and academics who are taking note of his groundbreaking assertions. Carlson presented research that suggests ancient cultures could have harnessed a sophisticated form of energy technology, connected with plasmoids and plasma energy.

Several months ago, Carlson hinted at this research on the Joe Rogan podcast but remained vague, mentioning that the research was ongoing. Now, he has shared a detailed account of what he and his research partner Malcolm Bendahl have discovered. Together, they’ve been experimenting with plasma energy and its practical applications. The pair employ a unique device known as a “bubbler,” which combines pre-ionized air and water and subjects the mixture to alternating vacuum and compression cycles. The result? The creation of ‘plasmoids,’ microscopic, perfectly symmetrical bubbles that respond to various frequencies of light.

Carlson suggested that ancient civilizations might have used this technology to construct awe-inspiring megalithic structures like the pyramids. Until now, this idea was mostly speculative, confined to the realms of pseudoscience and imaginative storytelling. Carlson argues that his findings provide a scientific foundation to reconsider how advanced ancient societies may have been. According to him, the experiments carried out by his team indicate that plasmoids have properties that could have been beneficial in the building processes of antiquity, providing a sustainable energy source.

What makes this discovery even more intriguing is its implications for modern energy applications. The technology is reportedly very efficient, significantly more so than most current energy generation methods. In a recent conference, experts in the field discussed how vehicles equipped with this technology could have the ability to cleanse the air, akin to trees absorbing and neutralizing pollutants. If such a thing were possible, the repercussions for combating climate change and environmental degradation could be profound.

It’s not just about what the technology could do today or in the future; the historical aspect is equally compelling. Carlson has been mining historical records, religious texts, and even ancient folklore to find indications that similar technology was known to early civilizations. He refers to descriptions in the Vedas, for instance, that remarkably align with the properties and potential applications of plasmoids. If these historical texts are indeed describing the same or similar technology, the historical timeline of technological advancement would need to be reconsidered.

Although the scientific community is typically cautious when faced with such radical ideas, Carlson is meeting the resistance head-on. He claims that most critics fail to counter his assertions with valid arguments. Some skeptics, after delving into the research, have even become converts. While there’s still considerable debate, it’s clear that his ideas are being taken increasingly seriously.

However, as with all groundbreaking discoveries, comprehensive testing and scrutiny from multiple experts in relevant fields will be essential in determining the validity of Carlson’s claims. As that unfolds, people from various disciplines and walks of life will be watching closely. If these claims turn out to be accurate, we may be on the verge of unlocking a new chapter in both historical understanding and sustainable technology.


The implications of his findings stretch far and wide, from rewriting history books to ushering in revolutionary energy technologies. What’s sure is that the forthcoming tests and studies will be among the most closely watched in recent times. Whether one is a critic or an advocate of Carlson’s ideas, it’s hard to deny that we are witnessing the unfolding of a potentially transformative discourse.

What the full interview on Danny Jones YouTube Channel Here


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