The 1965 Pretoria, South Africa UFO incident, witnessed by Constables John Lockem and Koos de Klerk, isn’t your run-of-the-mill UFO sighting. Every so often, a case comes along that leaves more than just anecdotal evidence; it leaves physical marks on the world and incites an official response shrouded in secrecy. This case does both, and that’s what makes it particularly compelling.

It wasn’t a fleeting glimpse of a strange light in the sky; it was a close encounter with an unidentified object that was substantial enough to cause physical damage to a road. The added dimensions of concrete evidence and a level of secrecy declared by officials amplify the need for further scrutiny and research into this encounter.

The two constables, patrolling the Pretoria-Bronkhorstspruit highway, were stopped dead in their tracks when their vehicle headlights illuminated a copper-colored disc-shaped object positioned directly on the road. The object was about 30 feet in diameter, a substantial size that would be hard to miss, let alone fabricate. The sighting was so immediate and tangible that it prompted Constable Lockem to sketch the object, aided by a staff artist from the newspaper Die Vaterland. While artistic representations aren’t as irrefutable as photographs, in the context of the overall case, they add an extra layer of credibility.

Pretoria1965bHowever, the mystery deepens with the sudden lift-off of the object, displaying an advanced propulsion system as flames shot out from the object’s underside. These details make the case even more curious because they imply a level of technology that doesn’t align with conventional aircraft. Constable Lockem was clear in his astonishment, stating the UFO’s lift-off speed was “quicker than anything I have ever seen.”

One of the most striking aspects of this incident is the physical trace it left behind. A severely burned area of six feet in diameter was found on the road, indicating where the UFO had been situated. The flames coming from the object were so hot that they caused the macadam surface to rise in a plume of fire, leaving the road damaged. When a UFO case includes such tactile, measurable evidence, it raises the stakes and the questions: What was this object? And what kind of technology could leave such an impact?

Equally perplexing is the official response to the incident. Lt. Col. J.B. Brits, District Commandant of Pretoria North, classified the event as “highly secret.” This reveals that the sighting warranted enough concern to engage high-level inquiries, which only amplifies the intrigue. Moreover, samples of the damaged road were taken for scientific analysis, but those findings have never been made public. The withholding of this information only adds more fuel to the speculative fire.

Although this incident happened decades ago, the layers of complexity continue to invite new inquiries and discussions. A copper-colored disc, mysterious flames, physical traces, and a shroud of secrecy make this more than just a simple UFO sighting; they make it a landmark case that continues to captivate researchers and the general public alike. What happened on that road outside Pretoria in 1965 remains an unanswered question, but it certainly warrants the continued attention it receives.



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