The saga concerning the purported alien bodies showcased in Mexico last week gained fresh momentum as new diagnostic scans were conducted on one of the entities. Revealed to the public eye by journalist and ufologist Jaime Maussan during a hearing in the Mexican Congress, these two intriguing specimens became an instant global talking point. While they were humorously meme-ified across social media, the scientific community largely called for more rigorous evaluation to substantiate the fantastical claims tied to them.

Maussan took this critique to heart, resorting to YouTube for what could be described as an “alien autopsy.” In the video, he teamed up with Dr. Jose Zalce Benitez, director of the Health Sciences Research Institute of the Secretary of the Navy, to conduct x-rays and CT scans on one of the specimens, affectionately named “Clara.”

The analysis yielded some remarkable findings. Contrary to the skepticism surrounding the origin of the specimens, the scans didn’t indicate any signs of physical manipulation akin to hoaxes like the Fiji mermaid. Dr. Benitez noted that there were no visible markings or fractures that would be present if the skull had been tampered with or attached to another body postmortem. Further examination of the body’s abdomen reinforced this assessment, as it showed no signs of tampering either. “Based on the absence of any postmortem alterations,” Dr. Benitez noted, “we are dealing with an organism that was once alive and in gestation.”

Yet, the scans did raise further questions. They didn’t confirm the speculation that the objects within the abdomen were eggs of some kind. Moreover, a mysterious metallic object embedded in Clara’s chest posed an enigma, as it didn’t appear to serve any structural function.

The findings prompted Maussan to dismiss his critics outright, stating emphatically that Clara is a “complete organic being.” While the nature of this being is yet to be determined, and scientists continue to eye the specimen skeptically, the scans do lend a layer of authenticity to Maussan’s assertions. Clara seems to have been a living entity at one point in time, devoid of any postmortem alterations.

Regarding the metallic object in Clara’s chest, theories range from it being an implant to it being a natural part of the entity’s anatomy. Clearly, more research is needed, but the scans have infused the discourse with fresh material for scrutiny.

If it turns out that Clara is extraterrestrial, this would be an epoch-making revelation, fundamentally altering our perception of life beyond Earth. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Independent, rigorous scientific investigation is required to validate these initial findings.


This sensational episode adds another layer to the already fascinating narrative set in motion by Maussan, a figure no stranger to audacious claims about extraterrestrial life. As detailed in a previous article, Maussan had earlier presented these specimens, originating from Cusco, Peru, with claims that over 30% of their DNA couldn’t be identified by scientists from the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

While the scientific community waits for a more comprehensive study, this latest development invigorates the discussion around potential extraterrestrial life forms. It challenges us to reckon with the possibilities while advocating for meticulous inquiry. Whether Clara turns out to be an unparalleled breakthrough in the study of life beyond Earth or a carefully crafted hoax, these tests have certainly given us much to ponder.

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