When Danny Sheehan speaks on a topic, people pay attention. Known for his expertise in constitutional law, Sheehan has made a name for himself by engaging in dialogues that many mainstream analysts prefer to avoid. Recently, he suggested that if President Biden wins a second term, the administration will have to seriously address the issues surrounding unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and Non-Human Intelligence (NHI).

Sheehan brings considerable weight to this discussion due to his extensive career in tackling significant cases related to the environment, civil rights, and government accountability. His belief that Biden will need to confront undeniable data on UFOs and NHI isn’t mere conjecture; it’s an informed statement backed by years of experience.

Sheehan added, “Navigating the political landscape involves grappling with many unacknowledged realities.” He suggests that should Biden secure another term, he’ll be obligated to tackle the growing evidence pointing towards UFOs and NHI. Sheehan attributes Biden’s likely continued tenure to his resilience in overcoming various challenges, including economic crises and public health emergencies. “This adaptability,” Sheehan says, “will be critical as Biden faces issues that extend beyond typical policy matters.”

So why is Sheehan so convinced that the UFO and NHI discussions will become inevitable for Biden’s administration? “The sightings by military pilots are now well-documented, with some even released by official channels,” Sheehan stressed. “We’re beyond the point of rumors and second-hand accounts. Objects are moving in our airspace that defy our current scientific models. The public has a right to know the details.”

But it’s not just UFOs that Sheehan believes will gain attention; it’s also the even more elusive topic of NHI. He was cautious in his wording, yet emphasized that there are multiple reliable accounts suggesting the existence of intelligent life forms that aren’t human. “We’ve gone beyond isolated incidents and obscure references. It’s time for transparency,” Sheehan commented, suggesting that Biden’s next term will have to be more forthright on these matters.

Skeptics might find Sheehan’s opinions to be contentious, but his longstanding credibility lends his assertions a level of seriousness that’s difficult to ignore. He is certain that the upcoming years under Biden will see intensive discussions on subjects that have long been sidelined, potentially altering our understanding of the world we inhabit and our role within it. And according to Sheehan, this is only the beginning of what promises to be a transformative period.

In an area where secrecy is almost a currency, Danny Sheehan’s willingness to speak candidly is a breath of fresh air. During the interview, he teased out some tantalizing details about possible communications between Non-Human Intelligence (NHI) and a clandestine group within the United States, referred to as the U.S. Legacy group.


“The U.S. Legacy group is not your conventional black-ops unit. It is an amalgamation of individuals from diverse backgrounds, including military, academia, and private industry. Their commonality? A vested interest in understanding, and possibly leveraging, the technological advances and insights that could emerge from interactions with NHI,” Sheehan said, emphasizing the gravity of his statements.

According to Sheehan, the group has engaged in multiple forms of communication with NHI entities, the details of which are held in strict confidence. “I can’t disclose specifics, but there are instances of coded messages, telepathic exchanges, and even more conventional dialogues that have utilized translation technology,” Sheehan added.

Why is this significant? Sheehan believes that the U.S. Legacy group is sitting on a treasure trove of information, which, if disclosed, could reshape our global reality. “We’re not just talking about technological marvels like anti-gravity propulsion systems or advanced energy sources; we’re discussing matters that touch upon the core of human civilization. Imagine a shift in understanding comparable to the Copernican revolution.”

Yet, Sheehan is skeptical that this information will be released to the public anytime soon. “The challenges are manifold. First, there are layers of national security concerns. You have information so sensitive that its revelation could result in geopolitical upheavals. Second, there are the ethical and philosophical questions surrounding how humanity will react to the notion that we are not alone in the universe.”

It’s a tension that Sheehan describes as the ultimate “Catch-22 situation.” On one hand, withholding information perpetuates ignorance and possibly hinders human progress. On the other hand, releasing it without adequate preparation could induce widespread panic or misinterpretation.

“Will there be a delay in revealing this information? Probably, and longer than we’d like,” Sheehan stated with a sense of resignation. “But what’s critical is that the conversation has started. The narrative is shifting from ‘Is there something out there?’ to ‘What are we going to do when we finally face the truth?'”

Sheehan’s insights into the U.S. Legacy group’s interactions with NHI are groundbreaking, to say the least. As an audience keenly interested in this subject matter, we may not yet have the full picture, but the framework is becoming clearer. And for that, we have Sheehan’s willingness to speak freely, despite the inherent risks.

Navigating the uncharted waters of interaction with Non-Human Intelligence (NHI) is no small feat, and according to Danny Sheehan, the path forward involves formal agreements, technology exchanges, and an entirely new dimension of diplomacy. Yes, we’re talking about galactic governance and the inception of interstellar diplomatic relations.

“Diplomacy isn’t a field confined to Earth-bound nations,” Sheehan points out. “In interacting with NHI, the U.S. Legacy group has moved beyond preliminary conversations. They’re contemplating a structure that could facilitate long-term interactions.”

So, what would a treaty between Earth and extraterrestrial entities look like? According to Sheehan, it’s a complex landscape, fraught with existential questions and technological considerations. “A treaty of this kind is unlike anything we have on Earth. It would need to account for an entirely different set of ethics, a non-human comprehension of law, and an understanding of technology that goes beyond our current scientific paradigms.”

The exchange of technology is another realm that Sheehan feels is rich with potential and peril. “As I mentioned earlier, there are technologies that the Legacy group is keen to understand, perhaps even reverse-engineer. But you have to ask, what’s the quid pro quo? What does NHI want in return? And are we prepared to make those concessions?”

The thought of technology transfer from NHI to human civilization is awe-inspiring, but Sheehan urges caution. “One must question the ethical dimensions of such an exchange. Are we mature enough as a species to handle technology that could, for example, manipulate matter at the subatomic level? Before any exchange occurs, these questions must be addressed at the highest levels of Earth’s governing bodies.”

Finally, the conversation shifted to something even more monumental: the idea of a galactic governing structure. “When we talk about interacting with extraterrestrial entities, it’s crucial to think in terms of a galactic community,” Sheehan notes. “If multiple civilizations, including ours, are to co-exist and cooperate, then a form of governance is essential. It’s the logical progression, but also a massive undertaking fraught with unknowns.”

Sheehan didn’t delve into specifics about what a galactic governing body would entail, but he did underscore its inevitability if humanity confirms the existence of other intelligent life forms. “If we are to enter a new era of cosmic interaction, we’ll need to define the rules of engagement. That might involve creating a whole new field of ‘interstellar law,’ establishing diplomatic envoys, and even pondering the concept of universal rights.”

Source: Interview with Danny Sheehan on “Humanity Rising Day 752: Making UFO Disclosure Official: What’s happening and why now?” from the Ubiquity University YouTube channel. Watch it here.


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