In an unprecedented move that could significantly impact the government’s stance on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs), several whistleblowers have bypassed the Pentagon’s official UAP program, the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO). These whistleblowers have taken their concerns and observations straight to the Intelligence Community Inspector General, filing official reports under the whistleblower protection designation, PPD-19.

Last night, Matt Ford of The Good Trouble Show, brought this groundbreaking development to light. David Grusch, the whistleblower who initially broke his silence about UAPs, disclosed that he believes the government is in possession of these unidentified objects. Grusch’s belief is based on more than 40 interviews conducted over four years with witnesses privy to undisclosed information. Importantly, he revealed that the specific locations of these UAPs have been communicated to the inspector general.

However, Grusch is not standing alone in this controversial spotlight. According to Ford, other individuals have followed suit, avoiding the Pentagon’s AARO program to bring their information directly to the Intelligence Community Inspector General. While these sources have not yet confirmed whether they are part of a UAP back-engineering initiative, the mere act of sidestepping established military protocols to report these phenomena is a story in itself.

This series of events amplifies the growing call for Congress to intervene. There is an increasing demand for sworn testimonies from officials within the Pentagon and intelligence agencies. The public deserves answers, especially considering the potential implications of these disclosures, which range from national security concerns to scientific discoveries that could change our understanding of the world as we know it.

Matt Ford’s original video can be found on his YouTube channel, The Good Trouble Show.

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