Two earthquakes in one day, just 20 minutes apart, have people talking in Argentina and Chile. On August 23, 2023, the earth shook in a way that felt a bit too close for comfort for those living near the epicenters.

The first jolt came near Pica, Chile, at 14:02 GMT. It was a 5.2 magnitude quake, deep at 89.1 km (55 mi). Folks there are used to the ground rumbling from time to time, but it’s never something you get entirely used to. This particular earthquake had the scientists double-checking their instruments, with additional sources confirming the data.

Just four kilometers northeast of Pica, people felt the ground move beneath them. It’s a reminder that even in places accustomed to seismic activity, each earthquake is unique and can bring its own surprises.

Then, just 20 minutes later, a more powerful 6.2 magnitude quake hit Santiago del Estero in Argentina, even deeper at 568.8 km (353 mi). People felt it across a broad area, and it was a reminder of the energy lurking beneath our feet. This one originated deep within the Earth’s crust, sending shockwaves across the region. The profound depth of the tremor indicates a major release of energy, something that caught everyone’s attention.

Local residents reported significant shaking, and even though it’s something they’ve experienced before, it’s always unsettling. You can’t help but feel a bit small when the ground beneath you decides to remind you of its power.

What’s got people talking isn’t just the strength of these quakes but the timing. Two significant shakes so close in time make you wonder, doesn’t it? Is there something more going on underground that we don’t know about?

Scientists will do their thing, looking at the data, trying to understand if there’s a connection. They’ll tell us if this is something out of the ordinary or just a coincidence. But for those who felt the ground move under them, it’s a very human reminder of how small we are in the grand scheme of things.



1. Argentina: Deep Tremor in Santiago del Estero

  • Magnitude: 6.2
  • Depth: 568.8 km (353 mi)
  • Time: Aug 23, 2023, 14:22 GMT
  • Location: -26.9212 / -63.3389, Santiago del Estero
  • Source: USGS, with other sources reporting varying data

2. Chile: Earthquake Near Pica

  • Magnitude: 5.2
  • Depth: 89.1 km (55 mi)
  • Time: Aug 23, 2023, 14:02 GMT
  • Location: -20.4197 / -69.1191, 4 Km Al NE De Pica
  • Source: USGS, with additional sources confirming the data


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