Unidentified Aerial Phenomena in the Skies: A Recent Account by Commercial Pilots

Ryan Graves, the former U.S. Navy pilot who has become a voice for whistleblowers on unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), or UFOs, has taken to social media to share the account of a recent sighting by a commercial pilot. The details of this event are both intriguing and baffling, offering a glimpse into an enigma that continues to challenge our understanding of our airspace.

On August 18, 2023, Graves shared a Twitter thread detailing a sighting by an A320/321 Captain from a Major US Carrier. The event occurred during a late-night flight from Santo Domingo DR to New York JFK in the last week of July 2023.

The pilot reported seeing a visually bright object that soon disappeared. Later, two objects were observed flying in formation just above the horizon. The behavior of these objects, illuminating from bright to dark and then illuminating again, continued for the remaining duration of the flight.

The pilot managed to capture a video and several long-exposure photographs using a Samsung S23 phone. The images reveal round metallic objects, streaks of light, and unique movements. Another airliner, approximately 400 NM ahead of the original flight, confirmed they had witnessed the same phenomenon.

Ryan Graves’ decision to share this information is consistent with his ongoing efforts to shed light on the UAP phenomenon. A former F-18 pilot with ties to Central Massachusetts, Graves has testified before the House’s Subcommittee on National Security about similar encounters, stating that sightings are routine and often underreported.

In 2014, Graves witnessed what he referred to as UAP while stationed at Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The encounters led to increased awareness and discussions among military and commercial pilots.

Graves has become an activist on this subject, founding the nonprofit Americans for Safe Aerospace and hosting the Merged Podcast. He has also appeared on popular podcasts like the Joe Rogan Experience and the Lex Fridman Podcast to discuss his experience with UAPs and his advocacy.


The recent Twitter thread has reignited the conversation, with over 135.6K views, numerous reposts, quotes, likes, and bookmarks. Graves continues to stress the importance of an agnostic stance on the nature of these objects, urging for a hard look at the data.

The detailed account shared by Ryan Graves provides a compelling case for continued exploration and understanding of unidentified aerial phenomena. The credibility of the witnesses, the evidence presented, and the growing conversation around these events signal a pressing need for serious examination.

As our skies continue to present mysteries, figures like Graves serve as a bridge between eyewitnesses, the public, and policymakers. By sharing these stories and advocating for transparency, he contributes to a larger dialogue that may one day unlock the secrets behind these inexplicable occurrences.

For those seeking to explore the details of this event further, we have embedded the Twitter trend initiated by Ryan Graves below. Through it, you can watch the video, view the photographs, and read the firsthand account shared by the commercial pilot. This extraordinary evidence serves as a tangible link to the phenomenon described, allowing our readers to engage more deeply with the mysteries of our skies.

At Breaking News Streams, we continue to monitor this developing story and invite our readers to engage, question, and explore further into the uncharted territories of our skies. What might these phenomena represent? How do they impact our perception of our airspace and technology? Your thoughts and inquiries drive the intellectual journey we embark on together. Stay curious, stay informed, stay human. As your guide on this ever-expanding journey into the unknown, we at Breaking News Streams remain committed to bringing you extraordinary and overlooked stories. Feel free to share your thoughts and reactions with us. Your curiosity fuels our exploration. Stay curious, stay informed, stay human.

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