A Remarkable Observation by Three Qualified Professionals in Australia’s Remote Tanami Desert

In the stark and remote expanse of the Tanami Desert in Australia’s Northern Territory, a sighting of unidentified flying objects in August 1970 continues to spark intrigue and wonder. As the world was immersed in the excitement of space exploration and scientific discovery, three highly qualified professionals experienced something that transcended their understanding of the known world.

The witnesses, consisting of a Geophysicist and two Geologists employed by a mining company, were on an exploration mission at Mongrel Downs Station, near the Western Australian border. Engaged in their rigorous work of mapping and mineral detection, they had no reason to expect the extraordinary event that unfolded before them.

The sighting occurred near landmarks known as Granite & Rabbit Flats, on a property called Mongrel Downs Station. They stopped their land rovers at a location known as the Three Officers Hill, a rare elevation in an otherwise flat landscape stretching for hundreds of miles. The Northern Territory winter’s day was clear, with not a cloud in the sky, offering perfect visibility.

Mysteries in the Desert Sky The Unexplained Tanami UFO Sighting of 1970 (1)

Suddenly, two identical UFOs caught their attention. About 300 yards from their position and several hundred feet above ground level, the objects were circular, with cabins on top adorned with portholes. A pulsing yellow flame or light flashed from underneath at about one-second intervals, a phenomenon that the witnesses could not attribute to any known technology.

The size of the objects was estimated at about thirty feet in diameter, and they were silver in color. Remarkably, they were silent and emitted no exhaust smoke, despite the clearly visible flashing underneath. Traveling at a slow speed of 50 miles per hour, the UFOs seemed to be on a leisurely cruise, taking a good minute or two to pass the witnesses’ position and disappear across the horizon.

The front UFO appeared to vibrate, leading the witnesses to speculate on its condition. Was it damaged? Was it leading the other in some sort of exploratory mission? These questions remain unanswered but add to the allure of the sighting.


Several days later, the witnesses reported the event to the owner of Mongrel Downs Station. The owner revealed that similar strange lights had been observed in the area several months earlier. This led to an official inquiry, but the explanation provided by the Government was unsatisfactory and dismissed as “a load of bull.” In an era where night surveying was virtually impossible, the explanation of surveyors working in the area simply didn’t hold up.

One of the witnesses, reflecting on the event, wrote, “They are among us observing the bloody mess we are making of our beautiful planet.” This statement captures a sentiment that transcends the mere observation of unidentified objects. It hints at a broader existential questioning of our place in the universe and our responsibility as stewards of Earth.

The Tanami Desert sighting is not just a curious footnote in the history of UFO sightings. It’s a tale that invites contemplation of the unknown, of human curiosity, and of the mysteries that lie beyond our everyday understanding. It challenges us to keep an open mind, to question conventional wisdom, and to embrace the possibility that we are not alone in this vast universe.

The witnesses, who had the technical knowledge to discern ordinary aircraft or meteorological phenomena, were unequivocal in their belief that what they observed was not of this world. One even went on to become a member of parliament in Western Australia, adding another layer of credibility to the account.

Today, the story stands as a symbol of human curiosity and an ever-present reminder that there are still unexplored realms and unanswered questions. It underscores our need to continually probe, investigate, and ponder the world around us, fueling the intellectual journey that we all are part of.

The Tanami Desert UFO sighting of 1970 remains a compelling and thought-provoking episode, deserving of reflection and study. It invites us to look up at the sky with wonder and curiosity, to question, and to explore, embodying the very spirit of inquiry that drives us to understand our world and the universe beyond.

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