The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 on March 8, 2014, is an event that continues to fascinate and mystify. Among the numerous theories and investigations, one extraordinary perspective has emerged that connects psychic visions, UFO sightings, and the possibility of a journey into another dimension.

Flight MH370’s disappearance is a complex puzzle. The plane, carrying 239 passengers and crew, departed from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, destined for Beijing, China. Less than an hour into the flight, the plane vanished without a trace, despite one of the most extensive search efforts in aviation history.

In 2014, a psychic’s blog post provided a fascinating alternative perspective through remote viewing. She described visions of the plane encountering electrical disturbances, massive turbulence, and entering an alternate dimension. Her detailed account paints a vivid picture of chaos followed by a peaceful gliding into another realm. She spoke of gigantic vegetation, a graceful landing on a beachy coast, and compared the situation to the TV show “Lost.”

Adding complexity to the narrative, Royal Malaysian Air Force Chief Rodzali Daud reported unidentified blobs on military radar right before MH370 vanished. A UFO video from 2014 shows three orb UFOs near the plane. Detailed analysis of these videos, including cloud movement, realistic illumination, matching plane identity, and thermal coloring, strengthens the UFO theory.

Satellite imagery also plays a role, with footage likely sourced from Satellite NRO L-32, launched in 2010. The GPS coordinates in the video align with MH370’s last known location, suggesting a connection between the plane’s disappearance and extraterrestrial intervention.

The psychic’s visions and video evidence resonate with documented occurrences in the Bermuda Triangle. Time slips, portals transporting things to alternate times or realities, and the specific electrical, magnetic, and energetic conditions described by the psychic align with previous Bermuda Triangle incidents. Her long-term consistency in mentioning time slips and portals before Flight 370 adds authenticity and credibility to her visions.

The psychic’s discussion of the need for ETs/NHIs (Non-Human Intelligences) to disclose themselves before returning the plane fits with the current push for disclosure of extraterrestrial existence and involvement in human affairs. This notion adds another layer to the unfolding mystery.


A closer look at the available evidence reveals intriguing connections. The psychic’s description of Flight 370 encountering electrical storms aligns with videos showing orbs surrounding the plane. The psychic senses ETs/NHIs were involved in guiding the plane. The orb videos seem to visually show this type of intervention and disappearance of the plane. The psychic’s visions of the passengers in a confused, dreamlike mental state after the event match documented after-effects of travelers through the Bermuda Triangle vortexes.

For those who wish to delve even deeper into this captivating theory, a well-researched UFO Reddit article provides further insights and analysis. You can explore this comprehensive examination of the MH370 mystery, including videos, evidence, and more, by visiting this link.

The disappearance of MH370 has given rise to a theory that transcends conventional explanations. The connections between psychic visions, UFO sightings, and the evidence presented form a compelling narrative that invites us to rethink our understanding of reality. While the truth remains elusive, the exploration of this theory offers a tantalizing glimpse into the extraordinary.

With Breaking News Streams, we invite you to embark on a journey into the heart of the unknown. Your voyage begins here. Stay curious, stay informed.

Watch the video below from MH370″ 777-200, March 8th 2014

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