On December 1, 1987, retired police officer Philip Spencer set out for a walk across Ilkley Moor in West Yorkshire, England. His plan was to visit a relative in the nearby village of East Morton. To document his journey, he carried a camera, and he brought a compass with him, as he wasn’t familiar with the moor.

The 1987 Ilkley Moor Encounter of Philip Spence AlienThe morning began typically, with Spencer consciously remembering his path and winding up the hill. But as he was walking past a small quarry, he spotted a movement that caught his attention. To his astonishment, he found himself facing a small green creature, about four feet six inches tall, just 10 feet away from him. The creature quickly turned and fled, but Spencer managed to take a photograph before it vanished from sight.

This sighting was just the beginning of an extraordinary experience. Pursuing the creature, Spencer encountered a silver disc-shaped object, which abruptly shot up into the clouds and disappeared. In a state of shock, he decided to abandon his original plans and return to Ilkley.

Upon his return, Spencer found that something was amiss. The town was bustling with activity, and the shops were all open. His confusion grew when he realized that the church clock showed it was now 10 AM, even though his journey should have only taken him just after 8 AM.

Concerned and intrigued by the experience, Spencer sought out experts to analyze the photograph he had taken. Upon examination, they found that the picture seemed genuine. More interestingly, they identified a metallic cylinder-shaped object in the image, which did not resemble any known natural object.

The case caught the attention of UFO researchers and investigators, who conducted a series of interviews and site visits. They found Spencer’s account consistent and were impressed by his sincerity.

To explore the missing time period, Spencer agreed to undergo hypnotic regression conducted by a clinical psychologist. This session revealed previously hidden memories, including being taken aboard the craft and undergoing a medical examination by green creatures, who appeared to be the same as the one he had photographed.


The memories recovered during this session were detailed and vivid. Spencer described being in a brightly illuminated white room and being told to lie down on a table. He recalled a tube-shaped fluorescent light scanning his body, much like a modern body scanner.

Furthermore, he remembered being shown visions of Earth’s future, depicting an apocalyptic scenario with starvation, pollution, and devastation. These images served as a warning about the potential consequences of humanity’s current path. A second film, possibly showing Spencer’s personal future, was also shown to him but remained unclear.

The Ilkley Moor incident resonates with local legends and myths, including similar reports of small green creatures. The moor itself has a history filled with ancient stone circles and carved rocks, adding a layer of mystique to Spencer’s experience.

Multiple investigations, including hypnotic regression, expert analysis of the photograph, interviews, and site visits, collectively build a compelling narrative around Spencer’s experience. The consistency of his story, physical evidence like the reversed compass, and the correlation with local folklore contribute to the authenticity of the case.

The 1987 Ilkley Moor incident with Philip Spencer remains an intriguing chapter in UFO research. The combination of photographic evidence, recovered memories, and alignment with local myths invites further exploration and contemplation. It stands as a testament to the human spirit’s curiosity and willingness to delve into the unknown. It’s a reminder that sometimes ordinary experiences can lead to extraordinary discoveries, prompting us to question our understanding of reality and our place within it.

This account illustrates the complexity of such encounters and how they can touch various aspects of human experience, from technology and psychology to culture and philosophy. Spencer’s experience on that fateful morning continues to provoke thought and debate, encouraging us to remain open to the unexplained phenomena that may lie just beyond the horizon of our everyday reality.

You can watch a video below from Eyes On Cinema who posted it on YouTube:

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