The leak of UFO whistleblower David Grusch’s medical records from the CIA’s Office of Security to The Intercept publication has sparked concern and debate. The records were leaked in what appears to be an attempt to question Grusch’s mental acuity and discredit his testimony on UFOs.

The motive behind this illegal leaking could be to deter future UFO whistleblowers from coming forward. The action sends a chilling message that individuals within the intelligence community may attempt to harm those who choose to speak about UFOs.

Grusch publicly responded to the leak, discussing his struggles with PTSD after serving in Afghanistan. He detailed the support he received from colleagues and his ongoing role in the intelligence community. He was transparent about his mental health issues, asserting that they do not diminish his credibility.

The incident has drawn attention to the broader context of UFO disclosures, government secrecy, and the tension between those who seek the truth and those who might wish to suppress it. The reaction to the leak culminated in a call for public awareness and the right to knowledge about extraterrestrial existence, as well as an encouragement for others to come forward.

The leak of Grusch’s medical records is more than just a personal violation; it’s an unsettling event that reveals the multifaceted dynamics surrounding UFO phenomena and government actions. The incident will undoubtedly continue to be a focal point in discussions and hearings in the coming months, reflecting the intricate and contentious relationship between the government, whistleblowers, and the public’s quest for understanding.

David Grusch’s statement on the leak below.F3DCVsEboAM_5JU

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