An air of mystery and terror has gripped the inhabitants of a tribal community in the Alto Nanay district of Loreto, Peru. Local citizens allege that their community is under siege from what they believe to be unidentified flying objects (UFOs) or ‘strange beings.’ The tribe’s desperate pleas for help have finally brought the incident to the attention of law enforcement and national news agencies.

According to the locals, these unknown entities, which they describe as ‘silver beings,’ have been attacking them primarily during the night. The community has reported sightings of beings dressed in metallic silver, with an ability to hover about one meter above the ground. The beings, reportedly resembling the stereotypical depiction of a green alien, have glowing red lights at their heels and wear masks covering their faces. The community is now living in fear, with some even speculating an extraterrestrial origin for these intruders.

One particularly unsettling incident involved a 15-year-old girl who suffered neck injuries after a terrifying encounter with these entities. According to eyewitnesses, the teenager was grabbed from behind, her mouth covered. When she attempted to resist, she was slashed on the neck with a blade. Despite attempts to defend themselves with firearms, locals state that these beings vanish into thin air, adding to the terrifying nature of these incidents.

In response to the desperate calls for help, the National Police and personnel from the Peruvian Navy have arrived on the scene to evaluate the situation. While the identity of these attackers remains unknown, the community is living in fear and calls for increased security are growing louder. Delta Rosales, a local news correspondent, is on site, providing live updates and attempting to gather more information on the disturbing events.

Members of the indigenous Iquitu tribe from the province of Maynas have reportedly witnessed similar incidents. They shared experiences of being stalked and attacked by these strange entities, which also reportedly targeted a 15-year-old girl. Authorities are now working to determine the validity of these claims and to identify the attackers.

While some dismiss these claims as mere stories or exaggerations, the fear among locals is palpable, particularly as these events have begun to affect other areas. Students from the National University of the Peruvian Amazon, located several kilometers away, have begun reporting sightings of these entities as well, fuelling further concern.

As authorities scramble to establish the reality of these events, the community has been left living in fear. The tribal people are now organizing night watches to safeguard their children, women, and themselves from these unknown attackers. They demand the police stay in the community to provide protection and are calling on national forces for aid.


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