The detonation of the first atomic bomb reportedly initiated a heightened interest in Earth from extraterrestrial life, says prominent ufologist Dr. Steven Greer. According to Greer, the founder of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, the apparent surge in visits from beings from other worlds could be linked to the potential threat that humanity might self-annihilate.

Oppenheimer_(cropped).jpgGreer asserts that these visitors possess technology far surpassing our own, which allows them to observe our planet from afar with relative indifference. However, the development of the first atomic bomb in 1945 by Julius Robert Oppenheimer, a detail recently highlighted in Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster film, seemingly altered this stance.

During a conversation with VLADTV, Greer, who maintains he first encountered a UFO at the age of eight, was probed about the possible motivations behind these increased extraterrestrial visits to Earth. He pointed to multiple factors, chief among them the significant growth in human technological prowess marked by the advent of atomic weaponry.

Historically, there have been traces of extraterrestrial visits for millennia, he added, referring to 5000-year-old cave drawings showing classic UFOs and their inhabitants. Further evidence of their interest in us includes 15th-century artworks depicting mysterious objects in the skies, casting beams of light downwards.

Notably, it wasn’t until 1947 that the first widely recognized UFO sighting happened. Kenneth Arnold, an American businessman, claimed to have witnessed nine objects moving at high speed, resembling “saucers skipping on water” near Mount Rainier, Washington. His account sparked a surge of similar sightings across the US that year, culminating in more than 800 reported encounters.

While some attribute the increased sightings to public excitement, optical illusions, or covert government weapons programs, Greer has a different theory. He argues that the marked rise in UFO sightings coincides with the development and detonation of atomic weapons. According to him, this specific point in human history piqued the interest of our interstellar neighbors.

Greer goes further to suggest that the detonation of atomic bombs triggered a disturbance in the extraterrestrial’s travel and communication systems. This, he believes, resulted in surveillance of every nuclear bomb processing facility, squadron, and ICMB site worldwide. The purported reason? The extraterrestrial beings are anxious about our potential to destroy Earth and the possible threats we could pose to their own civilizations.Dr. Steven Greer


However, Greer contends that atomic weapons aren’t the sole cause of their increased interest. He suggests that governments’ retrieval of alien spacecraft and the subsequent acquisition of alien technologies is also a factor. The extraterrestrials, he proposes, are wary of how we might be using the information gathered from these downed vehicles, including potentially weaponizing it against them.

Despite his assertions, Greer is adamant that these extraterrestrial visitors are fundamentally peaceful. Yet, he remains cautious, posing a thought-provoking question: at what point could human actions prompt a more assertive response from these outer space observers?

In the wake of such revelations, the answers continue to lurk in the shadows of the unknown. As explorers of the extraordinary at Breaking News Streams, we continue our pursuit, keeping our readers informed and inspiring further inquiry into these extraordinary assertions and possibilities. As always, we encourage you to stay curious, stay informed, and delve deeper into the fascinating world around us.

Source Daily Mirror

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