In 2012, the vast expanse of the skies above the world’s most populous country, China, was unexpectedly transformed into a theater of bewildering, inexplicable phenomena, casting a spell of mystery over pilots, researchers, and the general public alike. The extraordinary events in question pertained to a series of unidentified flying object (UFO) sightings that confounded all conventional knowledge and understanding of aviation.

Throughout the year, several airline pilots from various Chinese airlines offered compelling narratives of their encounters with radiant, shimmering objects that held no resemblance to any known aircraft, civilian or military. These encounters challenged the norms of aviation and veered into the domain of the unknown, provoking a sense of curiosity, fascination, and in some cases, apprehension.

One of the most noteworthy encounters came from a Xiamen Airlines pilot who, while conducting a routine flight approximately 80 kilometers north of Nanjing, found himself in the presence of a peculiar entity. The pilot reported a dazzling light blue object maintaining pace with his aircraft – a luminous apparition that seemed to possess its own form of intelligence and purpose. This object, unclassifiable in nature, exhibited peculiar maneuvers that confounded the seasoned pilot, leaving him with a sense of awe and a myriad of unanswered questions.

Around the same time, another group of pilots from a Shandong Airline aircraft, navigating roughly 120 kilometers away from the Xiamen Airlines plane, reported a similarly perplexing encounter. This group described the UFO as a skateboard-shaped entity that radiated a soft, ethereal white-blue glow. They witnessed it performing maneuvers and displaying capabilities that were beyond the scope of any known terrestrial aircraft. The object’s seemingly effortless maneuvers and its defiance of known flight physics further deepened the mystery.

Subsequently, yet another account emerged from a different aircraft, this one positioned approximately 300 kilometers away. This pilot, independent of the previous observers, communicated to the airport control tower in Tonglu, Zhejiang province, a sighting that bore remarkable similarity to the earlier reports. This series of consistent reports from various, geographically distant points added a layer of credibility to the sightings, thereby stirring global interest and curiosity.

However, the enigma of UFO sightings was not restricted to China. In fact, this phenomenon had a counterpart thousands of miles away in the United States. Specifically, the testimonies of US Navy pilots concerning their interactions with peculiar objects colloquially termed as “Tic Tac” UFOs, have garnered considerable attention. Named so due to their uncanny resemblance to the popular mint candy, these Tic Tac UFOs seemingly displayed capabilities beyond known physics. After a video released by the New York Times went viral, the world’s fascination with these enigmatic objects grew.

What was particularly interesting about these events was the uncanny similarity between the UFO encounters reported in China and the Tic Tac sightings in the United States. Despite the vast geographical separation and cultural differences, pilots from both nations described observing glowing, mysterious objects demonstrating capabilities far superior to any known military aircraft.


The possibility that these unexplained objects might indeed be UFOs exhibiting advanced technological capabilities that outperform even the most sophisticated military apparatus of superpowers like the USA and China has led to a paradigm shift in how we perceive our place in the universe. These incidents have ignited widespread intrigue and speculation about extraterrestrial visitations and the existence of technological prowess that stretches beyond our current comprehension.

These encounters have raised important questions about our understanding of international relations and military capabilities. The global community is buzzing with debate and speculation about the potential implications of these sightings. With the proliferation of reports from various corners of the globe, the need for a transparent, comprehensive understanding of these unidentified aerial phenomena has never been more urgent.

The convergence of UFO sightings in China and the USA, especially the renowned “Tic Tac” video released by the New York Times and reports of similar objects from China, presents a profound Puzzle demanding further investigation and public awareness. As we delve deeper into this puzzle, we inch closer to perhaps one of the most groundbreaking discoveries in human history.

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