Unearthed documents point to a startling possibility: whistleblower David Grusch may have come across evidence of an extraterrestrial mothership orchestrating the movements of a tic-tac Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP).

As outlandish as this claim may seem, it is substantiated in declassified files that reveal Grusch’s former position as the Acting Chief of the Operations Center for the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) in 2021. As the coordinator of a team of 30 and the compiler of the President’s Daily Brief, any intel at the NRO would have passed through Grusch’s hands.

With the largest budget among all intelligence agencies, the NRO surpasses even the NSA and CIA in resources. It is responsible for creating and controlling US spy satellites and other highly classified sensor platforms.

One of the programs under the NRO’s management is SENTIENT, a system with an uncanny resemblance to the predictive ‘Precogs’ from the film Minority Report. SENTIENT uses machine learning to assimilate data from several platforms and is capable of three-dimensional processing of moving targets, which includes Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), missiles, and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs).

Interestingly, SENTIENT also has the capacity to detect UAPs, if this specific function is activated. On May 6, 2021, SENTIENT detected a UAP hovering over an unidentified ocean. The UAP’s appearance did not correspond with a conventional aircraft’s visual signature and bore a striking resemblance to the “tic tac.”

Internal NRO documents state that this “tic tac” was unlikely a sensor artifact or focal-plane anomaly and was captured in multiple satellite images. During the original “tic tac” sighting near the Nimitz in 2004, F-18 pilots spotted a disturbance, comparable to the size of a 747, just beneath the water. This disturbance was suspected to be a “command-and-control” vessel manipulating the “tic tac.”

To bolster this theory, NRO records indicate the “tic tac” was accompanied by another object situated 25 km west. The description of this object remains classified, but the NRO categorized it as a “high-interest vessel” whose simultaneous presence was noteworthy.


There are two interpretations of this “vessel”: either a human-operated ship belonging to a foreign Navy, or an Unknown Non-Human Intelligence (NHI) UAP operating in the “tic tac” vicinity. The evidence seems to lean towards the latter, as NRO had to rely on “recent reporting” to analyze the vessel, suggesting its unfamiliarity with the object.

Furthermore, the vessel, traditionally possessing “space” functions, was recently linked to “command and control (C2) activities,” implying it might have been orchestrating the “tic tac” UAP. This incident may be the conclusive UAP evidence that has been widely discussed, aligning with the description provided by former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Chris Mellon.

During this event in May 2021, David Grusch was one of the NRO’s senior leaders and would have been directly involved in examining the data. It is now imperative that Congress question Grusch about SENTIENT, the “tic tac,” and the enigmatic C2 vessel.

Redacted copies of the declassified NRO presentations are available at The Black Vault. This information was brought to light thanks to the hard work and tenacity of John Greenwald (@blackvaultcom) and Kyle Warfel (@InfiniteFTL), who utilized the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to gain access to these documents.

As we delve further into this case and others like it, we must remember that while we have the documents, our search for understanding is far from over. Now more than ever, we need the truth.

This article is based on a Twitter thread by Clint Ehrlich (@ClintEhrlich), an attorney, computer scientist, and former Principal Investigator at NSF. His insight and interpretation have guided our exploration of these fascinating findings.


Link to the Black Vault Docs HERE

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