One might expect to find gold in the Yukon Gold Fields, but Sue and Sarah stumbled upon a spectacle that was worth more than gold. The twin sisters were left puzzled and astounded by a colossal cigar-shaped UFO hovering over the Yukon Territory in July 1996.

The UFO, described as an immense cigar-like object, was lined with rows of rectangular windows. This vast body was the hub of activity, with smaller lights flying to and fro, giving the impression of small ships darting in and out of the larger object. Intriguingly, the object seemed to descend or vanish behind a mountain, leaving the witnesses in awe and confusion.

The scene, as depicted by Sue and Sarah, was one of a science fiction novel. A swarm of 12 to 13 small glowing ships buzzed around one end of the vast cigar-shaped object. According to the sisters, these ships seemed to be entering and exiting the larger object.

However, this was just the beginning of their extraordinary experience. As they approached Haystack Mountain, the UFO appeared to perform a disappearing act, leading them to believe it descended into the mountain or the earth itself. The incident left them with a peculiar sense of missing time.

Investigator Martin Jasek provided a comprehensive report detailing the incident. It featured excellent illustrations, sketches, and corroborating testimonies that contributed to the narrative.

Sue and Sarah, driven by an intense urgency to return home, began their journey. They were traveling up Hunker Road, heading towards King Solomon Dome, a location known for its panoramic views. As they reached the summit, a sight that defied explanation appeared before them – the giant, stationary, cigar-shaped object.

The pair continued their drive, their minds filled with the inexplicable sight they’d just witnessed. As they descended into the Indian River Valley, they got a clearer view of the object. They noted a swarm of small “ships” buzzing around what they assumed to be the front of the UFO, a sight they hadn’t noticed before.


Upon reaching their gold claim, the UFO seemed to be suspended right over it. They noticed that the smaller ships had disappeared, apparently returned to the larger object. The UFO appeared to be closer than ever, a mere 3 km away, filling them with a mix of awe and fear.

As they drove home, they observed the UFO beginning to descend behind Haystack Mountain, leading them to realize the enormous size of the object. They watched as the last part of the UFO disappeared behind the mountain, sparking the unsettling thought, “How could this thing fit behind Haystack unless it went into the dirt?”

They arrived home to the surprise of Sue’s son who pointed out that it was 3:30 in the morning, a revelation that suggested they had lost about two hours from their journey. The sisters watched Haystack Mountain for a while longer, hoping for another glimpse of the mysterious UFO, but nothing unusual occurred.

The next day, they visited a local placer operation and spoke with the cook, who had not heard anyone mention the UFO sighting. The sisters were separated and asked to draw what they saw. The cook was surprised to find their drawings matched, providing further validation to their shared experience.

This incident, with multiple witnesses and unexplained phenomena like missing time and disappearing acts, remains an intriguing mystery to this day. The sisters’ sighting adds to the growing body of reports of unusual and unexplained encounters in our skies, offering a reminder that the search for understanding continues.

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