In the vast, star-strewn expanse of the nighttime sky, there are often more questions than answers. This was certainly the case for an unsuspecting couple on a quiet night in 1973. In an incident that would shape their perspective on the extraordinary, Steve Stringer and his then-girlfriend Karen Manson bore witness to a spectacle that remains unexplained to this day.

The couple had spent their evening peacefully: Steve was teaching Karen to drive on the flat, pastoral roads outside Christchurch, New Zealand. It was a warm and muggy January night when they noticed something out of the ordinary in the skies above Spencerville Road.

Around 12:45 a.m., they heard a strange humming noise, similar to the sound of wind, but it seemed to be emanating from all around them. This was followed by Karen sighting a peculiar object behind some trees. The object, as described by the couple, resembled an egg when viewed at arm’s length, with no fuzzy edges but a distinctly ‘plain’ appearance.

As the couple continued observing this odd spectacle, the object began to move closer. Steve described it as bright with intense, circular lights around the middle, emitting a yellow-white glow. So bright was the light emanating from the object that it obscured any solid features, leaving the couple unable to discern any identifiable characteristics such as rivets or portholes.

The couple watched in awe and apprehension as the mysterious object ascended high into the sky before descending at a 45-degree angle, seemingly heading straight towards them. Overcome with fear and with Karen in tears, Steve made the swift decision to retreat, driving backward to avoid using headlights and potentially attracting the object’s attention.

Despite the intensity of the encounter, the couple reported no physical effects on themselves or the car they were in. The vehicle showed no signs of ignition issues, temperature rise, or burn marks – a stark contrast to many other reported close encounters of a similar nature.

Prior to this experience, Steve and Karen were typical individuals who had little interest or belief in UFO phenomena. However, this event significantly piqued their curiosity and opened them up to the idea that there might be more to our universe than what meets the eye.


This extraordinary encounter was later investigated, albeit in a somewhat fragmented manner. The witnesses provided detailed statements, sketches, and additional information about the event, but no definitive conclusion was reached. The investigating body considered this a credible Close Encounter 1 (CE1) case, based on the integrity and sincerity of the witnesses.

This decades-old encounter still resonates, a tantalizing tale from the annals of UFO history. While we may not have concrete answers about what Steve and Karen experienced that night, their account serves as a compelling testament to the infinite wonder and mystery of our skies, further adding to the intrigue surrounding UFO phenomena.

For Steve and Karen, their voyage into the unknown began that muggy January night on Spencerville Road, forever changing their perception of the ordinary. They are a reminder for all of us at Breaking News Streams: the extraordinary lies just beyond our comfort zone, waiting to be discovered.

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