During a casual filming of a developing storm offshore on a Florida beach, a holidaymaker accidentally captured something entirely extraordinary on his camera. This unexpected incident took place last month when Carmen Rich, along with his family, was on vacation in Fort Lauderdale.

Standing by his step-sister Jennifer, Rich was drawn to the sight of a burgeoning thunderstorm over the ocean. Deciding to record this atmospheric display with his cell phone, he ended up filming something far more unusual – an unidentified object swiftly darting across the sky, causing him to exclaim, “Wow, did you see that?”

Looking back on this incident, Rich said, “It was the quickest thing I’ve ever seen, and the complete silence despite its speed was quite surprising.” He pointed out that the unidentified object moved significantly faster than a plane that was also visible in the sky during the storm.

Rich admitted to ceasing the recording immediately after he saw the UFO, intrigued to see whether he had indeed captured it. “I stopped filming because I wanted to confirm whether I had actually recorded it. I questioned whether I was imagining things,” he said. He also mentioned that the object appeared far larger to the naked eye than what was captured on his camera. The recording merely showed a glowing orb, but in reality, the object seemed more substantial.

As to what the object could be, Rich was left puzzled. While he considered it could be something as astonishing as alien technology or even some kind of covert technology used by the government, he was uncertain. The sighting had a profound impact on him. “That night, I was genuinely scared,” he confessed.

Since the video was posted online, several theories have been proposed, from the extraordinary — an alien spaceship harnessing energy from the storm — to the more ordinary suggestions of a drone or a simple reflection. The video can be found below, and we invite you to share your own theories in the Breaking News Streams comment section.

Article Source Daily Mirror

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