In an exclusive FOX News report, it was revealed that Russian warplanes had confronted Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), reportedly pursuing and even launching attacks on these enigmatic entities. This revelation is based on classified Russian documents that George Knapp, an investigative reporter, had successfully obtained and discreetly removed from Russia. By 1993, a startling 45 such instances of engagement had been documented.

This fascinating piece of information is among the trove of disclosures unveiled in letters penned by Knapp and fellow investigative journalist Jeremy Corbell, addressed to the House’s Oversight Committee just before Wednesday’s hearing on UFOs. These letters, initially procured and shared by Fox News Digital, have been duly included in the Congressional record.

In his letter, Knapp pointed out the seeming contradiction between the stance of the U.S. military and the findings presented in the documents. “Since 1969, the U.S. military’s position has been that UFOs pose no threat to national security and are not worthy of further study,” wrote Knapp. “This dismissive attitude directly contradicts the evidence revealed in these documents, reports, and internal memos.”

Meanwhile, the House subcommittee hearing on July 26, 2023, featured powerful testimonies from former U.S. intelligence officer David Grusch, former Navy commander David Fravor, and former Navy pilot Ryan Graves, among others. All eyes and ears were riveted to these explosive testimonies, during which Grusch shared accounts of the retrieval of “biologics” of “non-humans” from purported UFO crash sites.

Simultaneously, the correspondences of Knapp and Corbell contained noteworthy revelations that slipped through the radar amid the high-profile testimonies. Charles McCullough, President Barack Obama’s former Intelligence Community Inspector General who was representing Grusch, was observed engaging in a whispering exchange with Corbell, with Knapp attentively observing the interaction.

These revelations serve to add fuel to the ongoing debates and investigations surrounding UFO phenomena and their implications for our understanding of technology, security, and life beyond our planet.

Source: FOX News

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