Renowned UFO historian and researcher, Richard Dolan, provided profound insight in his recent interview titled, “The BIGGEST Potential Development in the UAP Arena.” Dolan highlights critical aspects of the rapidly evolving narrative surrounding Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), formerly known as Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). His analysis offers a sobering perspective on the ongoing developments and their implications.

In his discourse, Dolan touched upon the increasingly dynamic UAP narrative, which is being reshaped and driven by the United States government’s efforts, evident in proposed legislation such as the Schumer Bill. This bill seeks to enforce the disclosure of UAP information, a significant shift from previous practices of dismissal and secrecy.

Dolan drew attention to the post-1940s to 1960s era when the U.S. government’s official stance on UFOs was embodied in Project Blue Book. However, with the termination of this project in 1969, the field was left open for private organizations. Today, we see the U.S. government endeavoring to regain control over the narrative, rebranding UFOs to UAP, with NASA, military, and politicians all actively participating.

It’s interesting to see the government’s efforts towards this ‘reconquesting’ of the narrative. But as Dolan pointed out, this might come with the potential for sidelining dissent and selectively acknowledging testimonies. The prediction is stark: individuals like David Grusch, who have made bold claims about the existence of alien technology and bodies, may face a gradual undermining of their credibility—death by a thousand cuts, as Dolan puts it.

David Grusch’s account contradicts the mainstream narrative—his allegations directly challenge the government’s claims. Dolan warns that such dissent may not be permitted. He predicts that within a year, the U.S. government may release a statement denying the existence of any extraterrestrial bodies or technology, maintaining their defensive position while acknowledging some unexplained encounters.

According to Dolan, we’re in the midst of a global revolution and witnessing a power play between the establishment – the U.S. military, U.S. Intelligence Community, and financial groups – and individual voices seeking transparency and truth. There’s an increasing attempt to control the narrative via legacy media, which now includes big tech like Facebook and YouTube.

Dolan’s insight serves as a cautionary reminder that while the recent Congressional hearings and revelations have sparked excitement in the UFO/UAP community, we’re far from a decisive victory. He emphasizes that we’re still at the early stages of a long game in the fight for full disclosure.


Dolan’s interview serves as a reminder that the search for the truth in the UAP arena is a complex and multifaceted endeavor. It involves a constant tug-of-war between the desire for complete transparency and the powers that strive to control the narrative for various reasons. While we might be seeing unprecedented progress in terms of openness and legislative action, it’s essential to remain vigilant, analytical, and patient. This game, as Dolan asserts, is far from over.

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