In the 27th episode of ‘Weaponized‘, Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp explore new developments in the ongoing discussion surrounding Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs). The episode is a fascinating blend of hard-hitting interviews, insightful commentary, and a deep dive into the life and experiences of Commander Chad Underwood, the man who filmed the infamous Tic Tac UFO.

The episode sets a potent tone from the start, posing crucial questions about the transparency (or lack thereof) of military and government institutions concerning UAP phenomena. Corbell and Knapp highlight how the majority of UAP reports come from highly credible, technically trained personnel – a detail that adds a layer of credibility to the claims and urges the need for transparency.

Underwood’s inclusion in the episode introduces an intimate facet, granting viewers a singular viewpoint from the very individual who captured the enigmatic Tic Tac UFO on film. The ever-diplomatic Underwood, while maintaining a sense of mystery around his hypotheses, ardently asserts that his experience was neither a mere optical illusion caused by a blemish on his lens nor the result of concealed government initiatives or foreign technological advancements. His testimonies, beyond a doubt, function as a critical component in the intricate tapestry of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon discourse.

The conversation surrounding ‘old news’ witnesses is another engaging topic discussed. Despite some criticism, Corbell and Knapp convincingly argue that the testimonies of figures like David Fravor remain important due to their credibility and first-hand experiences. The dialogue calls for a balance of respecting these testimonies while pushing for new information and perspectives.

Whistleblowing is also explored in the episode. Underwood shares his concerns about the potential repercussions of sharing sensitive information, even when protections are supposedly in place. This conversation deepens the exploration of the struggles of military personnel dealing with UAP encounters and their subsequent disclosure.

As a crucial point, the episode underscores the eager anticipation surrounding the imminent congressional hearings on UAPs. The hosts convey their aspiration for these hearings to catalyze a surge in transparency and initiate open dialogues about the UAP phenomena. Their sense of expectation is unmistakably mirrored by their audience, serving to amplify the escalating global curiosity in UAP disclosures.

The latest episode of ‘Weaponized’ is an engaging blend of personal testimony, investigative journalism, and open discussion about the complexities of UAP phenomena. Corbell and Knapp continue to push for increased transparency and open conversations about UAPs while respecting the testimonies and experiences of those directly involved. Their interview with Commander Chad Underwood is an essential contribution to the discourse surrounding UAPs and a must-watch for anyone interested in this field.


Watch the full episode here

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