dorothy izattDorothy Izatt, who passed on January 29, 2021, leaves an enduring legacy not only within the UFO enthusiasts’ circle, but also in the wider sphere of scientific curiosity and exploration.

In her daily life, Dorothy, like many, found happiness in the simple things: the laughter of a child, a meal cooked at home, or a sunset admired from her kitchen window. But her life, which seemed ordinary, was set to take an extraordinary turn that would lead her into territories unknown. This journey started in the most commonplace of settings, her kitchen, and on a day that was like any other until then, November 9, 1974.

Standing in her kitchen that significant evening, she experienced a sudden, unexplainable feeling that made her look towards the window. What she saw was no ordinary sight, but a mysterious diamond-shaped object hovering in the night sky. This encounter marked a shift in her ordinary life, revealing a fascinating, thrilling, and utterly perplexing reality that would hold her interest for the rest of her life.

From that day, Dorothy’s life fell into a new rhythm. Where she once looked down, focused on the minutiae of daily domestic life, she now found herself irresistibly looking up, scanning the sky for a glimpse of the mysterious lights she had witnessed. Her fascination with the unexplained began to profoundly impact her life, introducing an element of excitement and intrigue that was both electrifying and daunting.

Dorothy wasn’t satisfied with just watching. Her initial encounter with the unidentified object left her with a yearning for understanding that couldn’t be quenched by casual sightings alone. This sparked her lifelong endeavor to document these unexplained phenomena, turning her into a vigilant observer of the Vancouver skies.

Equipped with various cameras and an unstoppable curiosity, Dorothy spent decades meticulously recording her encounters with these mysterious objects. Through her lens, she hoped to provide solid proof of their existence, turning her personal experiences into something that could be shared, examined, and maybe even understood by others.

In the years following her first sighting, Dorothy Izatt transformed from an ordinary housewife into an extraordinary chronicler of the unexplained. Her steadfast commitment to filming her encounters created a valuable record that continues to intrigue and bewilder those delving into the mystery of UFOs.


Throughout her life and beyond, Dorothy Izatt stands as an inspiring figure, exemplifying the power of curiosity and the human ability to marvel. Her legacy shines as a beacon that highlights the fascinating interplay between the known and the unknown, between everyday life and the mysteries that lie just beyond our comprehension.

The evening of November 9, 1974, started like any other for Dorothy Izatt. Standing in the comfort of her kitchen, perhaps lost in thought, her mind winding through the fabric of everyday worries and plans. It was then that a strange feeling sneaked up on her, a feeling that she was being watched. As she turned her gaze towards the window, her world was forever altered.

There, in the darkness of the night sky, hovered a diamond-shaped object, its presence standing out against the cosmic background. This was no ordinary aircraft, no recognizable celestial body. Its unfamiliar shape and peculiar behavior sparked a fire in Dorothy’s mind that refused to be put out.dorothy izatt (1)

This first sighting marked a turning point in Dorothy’s life. It presented her with a puzzle that tested her understanding of the world. The baffling object in the sky appealed to her, capturing her attention and setting her curiosity alight. From then on, Dorothy’s life became intertwined with a mysterious, ethereal dance of lights that unfolded in the night sky above her home.

Unfazed by the puzzling nature of her experiences and the skepticism of those around her, Dorothy took it upon herself to gather evidence. She transitioned from an observer to an active player in this cosmic mystery, armed with resolute determination and a collection of cameras.

Dorothy utilized every tool available to her, from simple handheld cameras to more advanced 8-mm film cameras, to document the phenomenon. Night after night, she would survey the skies, her cameras ready to capture any manifestation of the mysterious objects. Her persistence and attention to detail resulted in an impressive body of footage, a unique visual archive of unexplained aerial phenomena.

What Dorothy managed to capture on film was as diverse as it was inexplicable. She recorded balls of light, moving in synchronized patterns, defying any conventional explanations. She captured distinct shapes, standing out and undeniable against the night sky, their forms resisting easy classification.

But perhaps the most intriguing were the flashes that sprinkled her footage. These brief bursts of light moved in various directions, often leaving streaks across the frame. Dorothy came to believe that these flashes were not mere artifacts of the filming process but a form of communication from the unidentified objects. It was as if they were attempting to reach out, to bridge the gap between their world and ours.

Through her relentless efforts, Dorothy Izatt offered the world an enticing peek into the unknown. Her footage stands as a testament to her unwavering determination and her enduring curiosity, painting a picture of a woman whose life became a beacon for those who dare to look up and question what lies beyond the stars.

As the 1970s made way for the 1980s, Dorothy Izatt continued her pursuit, adding to her growing collection of mysterious sightings captured on film. She spent countless nights under the sky, camera in hand, meticulously documenting her encounters. Her relentless effort and unyielding curiosity led to a fascinating archive of unexplained aerial phenomena, an unparalleled trove that could be both fascinating and unsettling to those delving into the unknown.

However, the world didn’t fully understand or acknowledge her dedication until the late 2000s, when her story finally caught the attention of a larger audience. The documentary “Capturing the Light,” directed by Frank Longo, was released in 2008. The film gave an intimate look into Dorothy’s life, her experiences, and the thousands of reels of 8mm film she had accumulated over the years.

Through the documentary, people got a glimpse of Dorothy’s unwavering belief in the reality of her experiences and the importance of her mission to document them. The film served to validate her experiences to a certain extent, bringing a degree of recognition to her lifelong commitment. However, it also left viewers with more questions than answers, as the nature of the phenomena Dorothy had captured remained a mystery.

Dorothy Izatt’s journey is not just about documenting unexplained phenomena; it’s a testament to the indomitable human spirit, curiosity, and the pursuit of truth. It also tells us about the struggle for acceptance and understanding in the face of skepticism and disbelief.

Her story transcends the boundaries of her Vancouver home, reaching out to anyone who has ever looked up at the night sky and wondered about the mysteries it holds. The thousands of frames of film she accumulated throughout her life serve as an invitation to question, to explore, and to stand in awe of the unknown.

As she once stood in her kitchen, drawn by an inexplicable feeling towards an enigma in the sky, we too are drawn to her story. We are inspired by her resilience, fascinated by her footage, and left contemplating the possibilities her experiences propose.

In the years following the release of “Capturing the Light,” Dorothy’s legacy continued to reverberate in the world of ufology and beyond. Despite the skepticism and ridicule that often accompany those who claim to have encountered the unexplained, her footage stands as a reminder of the enduring mystery of our universe and the potential for extraordinary experiences in ordinary lives.

Today, as we continue to explore the vastness of the universe, Dorothy Izatt’s story, her curiosity, and her pursuit of understanding serve as an enduring beacon. Her journey reminds us to keep looking up, to keep questioning, and to always remain open to the mysteries that may lie just beyond our comprehension.

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