In a scenario resembling a suspenseful medical thriller, several individuals suspected of being infected with a deadly bacteria have reportedly left a hospital in Siberia.

The incident originated in Tuva, a republic in southern Siberia. In late June, a social gathering unknowingly set the stage for a potential health crisis. Participants at the event consumed horse meat suspected of being contaminated with a dangerous bacteria.

The Russian state-run news agency, TASS, reported that those showing signs of infection were taken to a local hospital. In an alarming twist, however, some have reportedly left, causing concern among local authorities.

Although Russian state media is known for circulating biased news and propaganda, the reason for sharing this specific health incident remains unclear. There have been prior independently verified instances of severe bacterial outbreaks in Russia’s remote regions, including a significant event in 2016 in the Yamal Peninsula in northern Siberia. That outbreak resulted in a wave of illnesses and a child’s death, as reported by NPR.

The latest incident transpired in a town named Bizhiktig-Khaya, where a shepherds’ encampment housed over one hundred unvaccinated animals, according to TASS. After a local resident visited the settlement and later manifested symptoms of an infection, he and four others were diagnosed with a similar condition.

These patients were advised to remain in the hospital until all signs of the infection had cleared. However, four of these individuals are now reportedly missing from the hospital. Despite TASS’s report indicating their condition was satisfactory, these patients should have remained under medical care until they had fully recovered.


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