In the continually evolving dialogue surrounding Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs), an exclusive NewsNation interview with esteemed investigative journalist Leslie Kean offers a vital snapshot of the current UAP landscape.

At the center of this escalating discussion is the whistleblower, David Grusch, an Air Force veteran who asserts encounters with non-earthly spacecraft. His claims are rooted not in personal sightings, but on briefings he attended discussing their unusual isotopic properties and peculiar heavy atomic metals. As Grusch points out, these elements are “exotic,” “strange,” and perhaps most importantly, “not of this Earth.”

Skeptics may argue that these claims are mere hearsay, coming from a man who has not directly witnessed these anomalies. However, Kean emphasizes the significant impact of Grusch’s testimonies. His assertions have reached the halls of Congress and the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community. Importantly, Grusch isn’t alone in this; other whistleblowers have also stepped forward to testify.

In her interview, Kean speaks about the huge influence of Grusch’s assertions. They have not only reached Congress and prompted an official hearing scheduled for the following week, but have also inspired others to share their stories. For Kean, the courage of these individuals to come forward has undoubtedly shaped the narrative and fuelled the ongoing inquiries.

She also brings our attention to the testimony of pilots who have reported UAP sightings. She underscores that these pilots have no incentive to fabricate such encounters. Indeed, false claims would be severely detrimental to their reputations. This, coupled with the supporting testimonies from government officials, further strengthens the legitimacy of these UAP sightings.

With a future hearing on the horizon, Leslie Kean affirms that the testimony of the whistleblower and other witnesses will be shared publicly. The specifics, including who these witnesses are, will be disclosed in a press conference on Thursday. This will undoubtedly propel the UAP conversation into the spotlight.

In her closing remarks, Kean stresses that more knowledge is on the way. She cites a recent amendment proposal to the National Defense Authorization by Chuck Schumer. If passed, this amendment will grant public access to many documents that have so far been kept from public view. This move is a clear sign of the effort to bring the UAP discourse into the public sphere, further validating the significance of this ongoing narrative.


Leslie Kean’s interview provides an intriguing look into the current UAP discussion, highlighting the significance of whistleblower testimonies, the potential disclosure of previously classified information, and the growing demand for clarity on this unexplained phenomenon. As the story unfolds, we remain committed to bringing our readers the most accurate and up-to-date news on this topic. Stay tuned for further updates on the UAP hearings and potential disclosures.

For a more in-depth understanding of the subject matter discussed in this article, watch the full interview on NewsNation’s YouTube channel. There, Leslie Kean takes a deep dive into her insights about the ongoing UAP disclosures. You can access the full video here.

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